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[interview] drops so powerful, sharing car in this business also plays the small table technology – Sohu New Media Editor Xiangde hit in the domestic business for three years, Zhang Bingjun company will be sent to the prison more than a dozen people, including the maximum prison and sentenced to 17 years. Zhang Bingjun is not old, was born in 1983, spoke with refined and cultured. But the company to survive, he must be ruthless hand. In addition to the establishment of the system of risk control measures, he also spent a lot of effort to recruit senior police officers from the police front. Zhang Bingjun created this wonderful company called PP car rental, a car rental company to share the model. On the PP platform, there are people who can share their idle vehicles, car rental can be paid to use and get a driving experience. Three years ago, sharing economy in the domestic venture capital circle favored, a number of flagship car sharing companies into the ground, and in the field of travel rampant drops, fast, the car, the car is easy to other companies, suddenly let travel business become a piece of the Red Sea. Three years later, the biggest winner drops, sharing car rental model has not yet erupted. A number of companies, including the friends of the friends of the car treasure drive car, announced the transformation of new energy vehicles timeshare rental. This car sharing model has several problems: one is the low frequency and high frequency, unlike the taxi market decision-making, decision-making can be a lot of light, the two is the need to burn; strong line operation ability, people will need to develop the habit of car sharing, the transaction itself need to rely on human do auxiliary work; three is rampant black interests of the chain for car rental company lost a shared a big pain point, greatly increased operating costs. This is a superposition of several issues, it is very difficult to share the car. Even if the share of the economy itself, the attitude of investors in the past two years from hot to cool and cautious. To solve the problem of losing the car there are three steps, the need for systematic prevention in advance, things in the car, and after the shock. As long as someone dares to move PP’s car, the man has to go in." Zhang Bingjun told the small table, they spent more than a year to solve the basic problem of car lost. Security to ensure the PP car rental trust issues, support the company’s development to the present. Currently, there are about 1000000 registered owners of PP car platform, the registered tenant of about 2000000. It seems that this is not a staggering figure, but PP is actually the largest car sharing platform in china. Compared to the $35 billion valuation drops, and 300 million users and 15 million owners, PP car rental is a small company. The question is, what is the imagination of the car sharing model? Has not had to play? Zhang Bingjun doesn’t think so. When peers continue to withdraw from the market, he still believes in the value of this model. Different from the trip, he would like to talk about a car from a shared community to the community, to the car after the market story, not just to solve the trip. Zhang Bingjun said, 1 million registered owners accounted for only 1% of the China stock car, and not a particularly high proportion, the future of this number can increase to 10%, is the owner of tens of millions of levels, "when the key city of each district is 10%.相关的主题文章: