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INVESCO the Great Wall Low-carbon Science and technology theme Fund: Mining two investment opportunities in the industry Sina fund exposure platform: letter Phi lag behind false propaganda, long-term performance is lower than similar products, how to buy funds pit? Click [I want to complain], Sina help you expose them! Original title: the Great Wall Jingshun low-carbon technology theme Fund: Based on the depth of mining on the two industry investment opportunities, reporter Wu Xiaojing, editor Yu Yong A recent stock market within a narrow range, volatility significantly reduced. The majority of the fund investment research team chose to wait, wait for a clear market. For the fourth quarter of investment, the Fund believes that the value of the shares in the bond value of the property has been fully demonstrated, the emerging industry growth stocks are expected to relay up. The industry is expected, taking into account the Shanghai Composite Index will be supported, in the round of 3000 points of the Fed rate hike expectations have shaken the short-term market there may be some rebound in the repair of shrinkage after gaining, but the overall space is not expected to be too much. The medium term, A shares is still the bull and bear market to the communicative occasion, subject to tighter regulation, financial deleveraging, corporate profits overall slowdown and other factors, subject to downward short-term economic tightening monetary policy is not acceptable, the probability, the active fiscal policy and the supply side continue to promote reform and other factors, the four quarter of the overall market is expected. Shock situation, the key to grasp the structural investment opportunities. In fact, the level of inflation also dropped open space policy, coupled with the reform of state-owned enterprises and the capacity to supply side reform policies landing, INVESCO the Great Wall low carbon technology theme fund manager Li Menghai judgment, the market downward risk is limited, the key is to obtain excess returns of stock. However, in the A-share market after several rounds of sharp decline, the market mentality is not stable, the market is not much new funds, trading and game sentiment is strong, resulting in the market in the vicinity of 3000 points in the repeated shocks A. However, in the view of the fund manager, from the development of the industry, for some relatively fast growth of the field, and through careful study of the depth of excavation, can still find the growth period, but the price has not been fully revealed investment targets. At present to do is to play professional, choose the future value and valuation of the relative matching stocks. INVESCO the Great Wall low-carbon technology theme fund fund manager Li Menghai is good at based on their ability to play professional. Undergraduate degree of automation specialty, graduate student of Tsinghua University Department of automotive engineering, but also makes the industry trend of his "long board", and has unique advantages in manufacturing research and technology industry, in its view, this is the future development direction and the core China domain. Therefore, he continued to focus on the manufacturing and technology industries, in fact, the two industries in the A-share market share of A has been as high as about 56%. From the view of the the Great Wall of Low-carbon Science and technology theme fund industry configuration point of view, mainly concentrated in the above two directions. In the two quarter of the fund allocation, the proportion of manufacturing accounted for 53.69%, information transmission, software and information technology services accounted for the proportion of 26.75%. Li Menghai said, considering the risks and benefits ratio angle, not too heavy a certain industry, the sector allocation of相关的主题文章: