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Ji’nan New Deal prohibition cover Xishou prevent malicious real estate speculators do not purchase credit limit, the regulation of work? For the newly introduced policies, some experts believe that some measures will play a cooling effect on the property market in Ji’nan, but the key is to implement supervision. At the same time, some of the provisions will encounter some difficulties in the implementation of the real estate market may not be obvious. Ji’nan real estate regulation policy, Qilu Evening News for several key measures to interpret. The experts also said that after the introduction of regulatory policies, the government should also keep up with the work. Shorten the payment time, small and medium housing prices to shoot more difficult for the king out of the market, the notice has also introduced a clear measure of cooling. "The increase in the proportion of the bid bond, put forward higher requirements on housing prices in the capital, improve the land auction threshold." A large housing prices relevant responsible person said, the biggest impact on housing prices is to shorten the time to pay the land transfer price. "Where the premium rate of more than 100% of the land transfer price should be sold within the date of signing the contract within 15 days after the full payment. This policy requires too much money, a lot of small and medium enterprises simply can not afford." The source said, compared to the original policy, housing prices to pay the land from the original 6 months to half a month now. According to the original policy, if the land premium turnover, to pay within 30 days of Qiqi was part of the 50% price plus the premium part of the total amount. After the signing of the contract 6 months, to pay all the land. The source said, the general housing prices after the payment of land in addition to self-sustaining funds, more need financing, a period of about 3 to 4 months. After the implementation of the new policy, a lot of housing prices, especially the lack of strength of SMEs is difficult to bear, which also limits the participation of SMEs in the auction. The eastern part of the province of a large room responsible person said, the policy can reduce the land auction market temperature to a certain extent. But this year, a lot of housing prices in Ji’nan, especially the first line of business is not bad money. For some quality plots, these companies will be determined to get, from this point of view, the policy can not be completely limited to grab the war. The source said that the most fundamental policy is to increase the supply of land. At present, many plots are bundled plots sold, tied to a project transfer, it will cause a desperate scramble for business. If these are divided into a number of plots sold, the market cooling is also a good measure. To guide the items in the sale price, the developers at arbitrary price increases this year due to the hot property market, developers on the market to sell in a hurry. Some developers began selling in looting, no pre-sale permit, such as Dili Hung Fu was exposed no pre-sale permit the sale. The notice once again stressed that no pre-sale permit does not allow sales. Shandong Normal University and the city real estate research center director Cheng Daoping believes that there is no pre-sale permit for the early identification chips, is itself a violation. But this phenomenon is more common in the property market, the key lies in the lack of regulatory means. To monitor the need for timely detection, timely verification, requires a certain amount of manpower and means." Cheng Daoping said. Previously exposed to such violations for]相关的主题文章: