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Last week 41 companies fund research department store concern China fund newspaper reporter Fang Li recent market subdued, fund research tends to be stable. Data show that last week, the fund’s 41 listed companies, department stores and other industries are closely watched by the fund. According to the China Daily reporter Fund statistics, by more than 5 fund "research group" last week has 5 listed companies, the number of the previous two week decline. One concern is seagull bathroom, September 6th, CAF Agricole, Bo and other fund research seagull bathroom, Gao Yi, King Lam, shangya and other private institutions are also involved in the investigation. From the investigation of the announcement, the prospects for the development of the housing industry, Chinese seagull bathroom is Youchao the whole assembly Focus Fund concern. At the same time, Changqing group also has focused on research fund. In September 6th, southern Qianhai, open source, CCB, China life security, China Minsheng fund company Research Ltd. The fund focuses on projects to develop the pace of design, project funding needs, how to solve the water project lever of PPP mode, how to consider the 2016 year set by the progress of the project, a framework agreement landing possibility, the second half performance forecast etc.. In the light of the lightning protection and Westone last week also has a number of research funds. In September 7th 8, fortune SGAM, the Great Wall, the East, the Silver Lion, Zhongrong, Yinhua Fund companies such as research in light of lightning; Zhongrong, Yinhua, lion, Oriental fund company research westone. Overall, last week, the fund’s research subdivision industry reached 27, the industry has improved dispersion compared with the previous week, the focus is the industry leader in the field of segmentation. The focus of attention is the department store, electronic components, household appliances, industrial machinery, metal and nonmetal, etc.. It is worth noting that the department store industry, friends of the A shares in Huaan, Yinhua, abc-ca fund company research; Changsheng, Nord, Cathay Pacific, UBS SDIC is investigation of the Wuhan Department A Bo and other company research; the grandbuy.相关的主题文章: