Liu Yifei teaches you how to wear, angel temperament (video)

Liu Yifei teaches you how to wear, "angel" temperament of Liu Yifei "angel" image is not only in the play, she either shoot pictorial or activity, all dressed in white dress, her fairies show more Print Chiffon most incisive white skirt, sexy size bud silk white skirt, dignified lady Liu Tao: France I very love I have for the "2" shape selected Huan embroidery white dress, elegant and gentle beauty we can not only live hold white skirt, hold also has other color dress, dressed in a light blue deep V dress, elegant and generous, light blue will set off her white skin, more white print she put on the grey bronzing embroidery dress more beautiful black and white ink print dress, classical style Pumianerlai size waist flounce black skirt, so she became a strong romantic and charming, the image is no longer limited to" Angel ", and" angel attack "print a black suit collocation, light colored pointed heels, handsome, if you are entering the workplace, may wish to choose a well cut, black dress, with every kind of interview is absolutely no problem if you think you can choose pants too domineering, dress, has the same sense of occupation we don’t think that only black suit, in order to deduce the handsome white suit, also can wear a" master "the wind so waist white suit collocation, high heels, and domineering, but I do not recommend you so pale makeup, looks rather lifeless we wear black and white stripes suit, the whole is more slender feeling come on the stage, she is the angel, angel attack, but the life she is low-key and simple, how comfortable how you wear her at the airport, is a black and white contract The classic black and white, a loose style, simple black and white skirt with senior size shoes, show girl charm so Zhaqi tender meatball head, we reduced style by age cool clothes, in addition to a black and white, and khaki windbreaker, collocation high-heeled shoes, so she has no strong woman Lixian fan is so quiet and beautiful, no wonder so many fans of her powder!相关的主题文章: