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Machine: the integration of cross-strait exchanges in China Bo "big stage" – the new network for the Taiwan pavilion. Zhang Jinchuan photo Beijing, Longyan, November 14, (Zhang Jinchuan) of Fujian Province, Longyan municipal government deputy mayor Wang Jiansheng informed the media on the 14 day before the ending of the Seventh Cross Strait Machinery Industry Expo and the ninth Longyan Chinese investment project Fair (hereinafter referred to as "machine Bo Fair) results that the effect is good, fair Bo machine bright, is an important platform for cross-strait cooperation in investment, industrial docking, economic and trade exchanges. Informed that the machine Bo CIFIT attracted 416 exhibitors including: machinery, transportation machinery 40, 26 engineering machinery, environmental protection machinery 12, civil military integration 20, emergency equipment 12, intelligent manufacturing 98, Taiwan machinery 51, VR, 3D and other new technology enterprise 10 home accessories 82 enterprises. During the period, a total of 79 contracted projects, including: foreign investment projects with a total investment of $190 million, the proposed use of foreign investment $130 million; domestic funded projects with a total investment of 23 billion 70 million yuan, the proposed use of funds to the guest side of $21 billion 940 million 74. This machine Bo CIFIT received strong support from the Taiwan related business association, Taiwan Province Machinery Trade Association, the development of cross-strait business association, Taiwan chamber of Commerce and Industry Association, the Chinese culture unified Hercynian Economic Development Association, Taiwan village, Changhua Federation of Machinery Industry Association and many other business associations as a co sponsor, 51 Taiwan machinery enterprises to attend the fair, promote docking, cross straits machinery industry level of communication. During the Expo held on the 2016 sides of the Strait (Longyan) youth entrepreneurship cooperation development forum. Forum to cross-strait youth entrepreneurship as the theme, inviting more than 260 young entrepreneurs across the Taiwan Strait participants, including young entrepreneurs in Taiwan, 100. Taiwan "orange two generation" founder Huang Wenyi, Taiwan Youth Entrepreneurship Forum Member Song Minhui, Longyan Toyama business founder Liu Ling, five young entrepreneurs keynote speech at the forum, and achieved good results. "Cross strait Machinery Industry Fair is one of the two key mechanical exhibitions in Longyan Province, which is determined by the Fujian provincial government." Wang Jiansheng said that with the help of this platform, held the Ninth China Longyan investment projects fair, to promote more projects docking, signing, for the continued development of Longyan power. Wang Jiansheng said, held during the "walk into" and "into Africa" investment trade fair is the city of Longyan and overseas institutions jointly organized business activities, strengthen international economic exchanges and cooperation in a beneficial attempt and exploration, the purpose is to promote Longyan enterprises, products go out, become a new path to promote two-way investment, two-way trade. In addition, this machine Bo coincides with the Seventh World Fair on the eve of Longyan townsman Pro Union conference held in Longyan conference, adhering to the "harmony among, common development" purposes, let the folks at home and abroad to feel the warmth of home, feel the enthusiasm of the people of his hometown. This family reunion conference, received from the folks at home and abroad a total of 6 million 650 thousand yuan donations);相关的主题文章: