Marry fashion hit in Qiao Zhenyu in child heart choice (video) 519697

"Marry" fashion hit in Qiao Zhenyu in child heart choices to marry _12 fashion > > > click to enter the Tencent video, "married" fashion watch Tencent entertainment news recently, by Qiao Zhenyu, Yang Zi starred in the comedy "marry" fashion city is Liaoning TV and video hit in Tencent. The drama played by Qiao Zhenyu Jin Zhihao cosmetic doctor just established themselves on the burning summer (Yang Zi) will wait for five years the first girlfriend once again, let him into the heart of the child choice, also let many viewers refer to love. "Marry" tells the story of fashion cosmetic doctor Jin Zhihao (Qiao Zhenyu ornaments) and gold wedding planner summer burning (Yang Zishi) between the ironic love story. The play, played by Qiao Zhenyu Jin Zhihao composed with a sense of responsibility, known as the high cold old cadres, in the face of Yang Zi’s summer after burning, by her enthusiasm and influence, in bickering Tucao slowly in love with each other. However, when two people sure, Jin Zhihao first love girlfriend Nie Xuan (dainty ornaments) appear, let Jin Zhihao into the choice, in the face of the summer burning, he cherished new feelings and two person of happy happy together; he wants to face Nie Xuan, five years of waiting for a result. For this contradiction in the plot arrangement, Qiao Zhenyu said he can understand the situation and decided to Jin Zhihao, he believes that both had a lover, or the lover, must be treated with the seriousness and responsibility. As the story step by step, "couples" feelings cumin is more clear, was followed in the test of obstacles? More wonderful plot, locked every night 19:35 Liaoning TV is the hit "marry" fashion!相关的主题文章: