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Menstrual red light, the harm is so great! You dare to read it? There are a lot of reasons for infertility in Sohu, but have you ever heard of "immune infertility"? Because once the presence of anti sperm antibodies in the female killer, pregnant this thing is not so easy. So this caused by antibody infertility, called immune infertility, infertility accounted for 10% to about 20%. Today, I will talk about the Kangaroo: what is the immune infertility and antisperm antibody is produced. People are not easy to get sick, because the human body has a defense system: the immune system, it is a powerful weapon against the invasion of various pathogenic bacteria. So under normal circumstances, the immune system can clearly distinguish who is their own people, who are outsiders (ability to discern their own organizations and foreign bodies), once the bacteria and virus intrusions, it will dispatch consists of hundreds of millions of lymphocytes "escort" went to the front, wipe out the invaders. So although the sperm for women is foreign, but under normal circumstances, and not by lymphocytes killed, this is because the sperm surface has a layer of natural protective agents, immunosuppressive agents, it is like armor to protect sperm. In addition, there is a barrier between the sperm and lymphocytes across the genital tract mucosa, so it is difficult for lymphocytes to attack sperm. We in the menstrual period, after artificial abortion and inflammation cases, female genital tract mucosa will be damaged, if at this time of life, it is easy to break through the sperm into the female body. This time, the body’s immune system can not tolerate, defense alarm start, anti sperm antibody was the killer turned out to destroy the invading sperm. So in fact, antisperm antibody not only exists in the female body, can also be found in men. We not because sperm in men had some, generally at puberty will produce, the immune system will be mistaken for alien sperm components. However, because the sperm is generally isolated from the circulatory system, and will not meet with lymphocytes, it usually does not occur immune response. But if we appear male vas deferens inflammation and trauma, sperm through damage into the body, will start the immune system, producing antisperm antibody. We have a female body antisperm antibody, can make sperm condensed into a group, can not move forward, and even kill each other, can not be combined with an egg. We have a male body anti sperm antibodies, lymphocytes will promote sperm phagocytosis, make spermatozoon cannot survive. Come so, whether male or female in the presence of antisperm antibodies, are easily lead to infertility. How to find this sperm killer? There are anti sperm antibodies in the body, usually do not have uncomfortable feeling, so we need to check to find. So the main examination methods are: 1, anti sperm antibody monitoring. Fasting blood test, if the results are positive, indicating that there are anti sperm antibodies. 2, we experiment after sexual intercourse. At the time of ovulation.相关的主题文章: