Nanny mother 4 common practices you

Nanny mother 4 common practices you caught? How old is your baby? Do you have the feeling that a child will never grow up? In fact, now the child is not long, is more dependent on their parents. When their parents are in the same time, the chance of a child to do one thing alone is also reduced. Now many children are "clothing to hand, eat a ready-cooked meal", large and small things, parents are all arranged. But the funds will lead to children over reliance on parents, independence, and both parents and children are in a tired state. The following is a common practice, the nanny mother you caught it? All 1, do children often hear the kindergarten teacher complained that many children are old enough to go to school, not his tie and dress himself. In fact, this phenomenon can be found everywhere. Because there are too many nanny mothers. The child has reached the age of basic skills can be mastered, the mother also from the heart that he can not do, not worried that the child will be an accident, that is, fear of suffering children suffer. To wash clothes, to go to school homework to do housework, parents have for their children will do. If things go on like this, the children lost the chance to experience, but also lost the basic ability. Some experts pointed out: the parents of each child do it for one thing, is equal to the reduction of a child in the future in the society of the competition. Parents should be clear, he can only be in trouble when the child, to help him. Not in the children encounter difficulties, immediately took over. In order to improve the child’s independence and practical ability. Refuse to do, should follow the law of growth of children, from the trivial, to cultivate children’s ability gradually. When the baby is crying, "Mom Mom dress dress", mother don’t put down the things in a hurry to help children do, but can slowly guide their children, teach him how to wear clothes, can start from the most simple and open start button, and then guide the children to learn to wear clothes. Children learn to do things at the beginning, because there is no clue, often time-consuming, the effect is not good. Many parents would rather do it yourself impatient quick fix. But the development of children’s good hands-on ability and self-management skills, parents need to have enough patience to encourage their children to do it themselves, and slowly do not kill the child’s learning process. 2, meet all the requirements of the child will often hear the child’s request, "Mom, I want a new toy", "Mom, Meimei today carrying a new bag. I want a new bag, too". And most of the time we hear the answer is, "well, as long as the baby likes, my mother will buy you". Indeed, now the family, is definitely part of the only child, the child is holding the hands of the parents of the baby, regardless of what the child wants, parents do their best to meet. If you can not meet the needs of children, many parents will feel guilty. The children also spotted the psychological parents, with the increase of age, they are increasingly high requirements, small bags, to high-tech electronic products and brand-name clothing, children)相关的主题文章: