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The National People’s Congress professor accused of beating a male nurse: identification of injury free monitoring – Sohu news JINGWAH Times reported on November 29th, several friends broke the news, the morning of November 26th, the Department of Stomatology of Beijing Geriatric Hospital, Beijing University Professor Peng doctor beaten nurse. The afternoon of November 28th, the professor responded that, because the staff attitude is not good due to mutual pushing, but denied beating. Currently, the local police have been involved in the investigation. Injured nurse. Beijing morning news November 28th at noon, Beijing Geriatric Hospital nurse injured Mr. Zhao told reporters that the weekend morning hospital more patients in Department of Stomatology from 8 a.m. the day before yesterday morning visits, issued a total of 7 numbers, "beating" Mr. Peng was hanging in the Department of Stomatology is No. 6, "the Department of Stomatology was relatively slow, each doctor long uncertain, patients need to wait for a long time". In the morning about 9:30, wait in the waiting area of Mr. Peng said the nurse toothache, Mr. Zhao said only to 3, need to wait, Mr. Peng asked to enter the consulting room. In the consulting room, Mr. Pang began to scold Mr. zhao. Verbal conflict occurred in two, Mr. Peng grabbed the collar pulled, and the chest two blows, "because I was leaning against the wall, he pushed me when my head hit the wall, I did not fight back, then the next person to help us apart". Mr. Zhao said, after the withdrawal of Mr. Liu left the hospital staff immediately alarm. After Baidu learned that this patient is a professor at a university in Beijing. After this news release quickly sparked hot friends. Zhao said it subsequently appeared vomiting symptoms, physical discomfort began to be hospitalized, there are still headaches, chest pain and high blood pressure symptoms. Reporters saw, the neck is also obvious to stay behind the silt. Last night, Mr. Zhao has carried out identification in the relevant departments. Hospital, said the incident area no monitoring. The afternoon of November 28th, Professor Peng told reporters yesterday, 7 o’clock in the morning, he to the old hospital department of Stomatology registered doctor, waiting for nearly 3 hours after the discovery of the waiting area left him alone, see a doctor in the consulting room in several chat went in the consultation, medical staff answer attitude is not good under the condition of a verbal conflict, "I didn’t just happen, pushing". Professor Peng said that because of the toothache and in a hurry, he was anxious to leave, "I have put my information to them, also wrote a letter of complaint". He saw the online drying out nurse injuries, hope hospital inspection made by neutral identification, now he has been in the police station to make a record, "the story of how to speak with the facts." In addition, Professor Peng said, he went to the doctor just one patient, there are many people on the Internet now carries on the attack and malicious speculation, the suspect behind the motives, or will this lawsuit. November 28th afternoon, hot springs police station, said it has received a report. That night, the reporter learned from the Beijing Geriatric Hospital Staff Department, neutral hospital has been issued the results of injury identification of injured nurses, but did not disclose the specific circumstances to reporters.相关的主题文章: