Neck pain prevention and mitigation during pregnancy – Sohu-remonstrate

Neck pain during pregnancy prevention and relief methods, a Sohu of maternal pregnancy neck pain causes, neck and shoulder ligament slack when pregnant, your shoulders and neck ligament will be more lax, and because the bigger abdomen, back muscle pressure increases, which leads to your neck pain. When the left, often sleeping in pregnancy, most of the studies would suggest that pregnant women can sleep on the left, because it is not pressed into the blood vessels and nerves, but often it is easy to let you sleep on the left side of neck pain. Bad posture easily lead to neck pain. 3, due to reduced activity during pregnancy, you may be inconvenient and a large amount of activity, often sitting on the couch or lying down, and even spent more time in reading and watching TV and computer, which can make your neck pain. Two, how to prevent neck pain during pregnancy, maintain good posture to reduce and prevent any neck pain, this is a very important way, whether or not during pregnancy. When you are pregnant, your body will become more and more big, so increase the pressure of the back, good posture can help you share the pressure. Swimming in the water sports in many cases, basic swimming and water pregnancy exercise can help prevent neck pain. Ask your doctor before you start exercising, and can you do that?. Try a massage before you massage, you must first obtain the consent of the doctor. Massage can adjust your body joints and relieve your pain and soreness. Make sure the masseuse is certified. To raise the stress of the neck, causing pain and discomfort, by raising the eye’s slack or looking downward. So try to keep your eye level, whether it’s work or watching tv. Find a comfortable pillow. Sometimes the best way to prevent or reduce neck pain is to use a good pillow. To avoid the pillow too hard or too soft, too high or too low. Try some pillows until you find the right one. Simply move your head as far as possible to the left, stay for 15 seconds, and then return to normal. Then change to the right, stay for 15 seconds. And then low, stay for 15 seconds, and finally back to the original location.相关的主题文章: