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Net about tour guide, don’t just watch beautiful — Travel Channel original title: Network about tour guide, don’t just look pretty "network analysis about the prospect of tour guide" and the possible problems does not mean to deny freedom to practice reform of tour guide. The pilot is a good direction, but to find a more viable path. Recently, the National Tourism Administration held a national tour guide system reform work conference, the national tour guide public service platform to start simultaneously. The most concern is that the National Tourism Administration in Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Shanghai, Guangdong launched a pilot free online pilot practice, tourists in the future can be like a mobile phone about the same as the car about the tour guide". Simply put, visitors can make an appointment online tour guide services, online payment service fees, and the tour guide service points or complaints. After the travel like network about cars as "online guide", it sounds really some cool. In view of the network about the car only a few years time to achieve the precise matching of travel demand and supply, and profound subversion of the long-standing problems of taxi regulation mode, a lot of people are looking for all kinds of chaos "net about Tour" can also end tour guide industry. I understand some of the "Internet plus Tour" vision, but this new mode was not optimistic about the prospects. Compared with the car to go out, tour guide service is not just. In recent years, black tour cheating, selling group, forced consumption and other chaos tour groups emerge in an endless stream, credibility severely damaged, a lot of people are afraid to travel or unwilling to spend money to please tour guide. Statistics show that in the context of the continued surge in the number of visitors, not with the group’s proportion of free travel has risen to about 70%. Network about the tour, the embarrassment is that the young people do not need to be familiar with the Internet tour guide service, with the needs of tour guides in the elderly may prefer to follow the mission will not be a tour guide". Net about tour guides lack of market competition, service quality is difficult to protect. According to the existing information, net about tour guide is based on the national tour guide public service regulatory platform, and no commercial forces involved. From the development course of network about cars, full market competition (including the initial subsidy war) is the key to cultivate the habit of consumption, enlarge the market, and the government about car platform, often because the management idea obsolete, inefficient and eliminated. So, in the future there will be like drops, excellent step as the market enterprises to join the network about Tour ranks? The answer is basically negative. Statistics show that at present the country made the tour guide certificate only more than 80 people, accounting for about 70% of the part-time tour guide. This means that the network about the tour is difficult to break through the limitations of the professional threshold, and then like the network about the car will become the general service providers. In fact, in recent years, the sharing of the economy in full swing, if the net about the tour guide is indeed blue ocean, the capital of the sensitive sense of smell has long been an action. Thus, whether from the supply side or demand side analysis, network about tour guides are just looking beautiful. Visitors can not expect to avoid all kinds of tourist traps through this model, the tour guide is unlikely to rely on this model earned pots full bowl, or even from the traditional travel agency + tour guide mode jump out. In fact, not only online booking tour guide may not be able to achieve pre)相关的主题文章: