New year’s Day mainland residents travel to Hong Kong and Macao in advance warming up-popkart

The second mainland residents to visit Hong Kong and Macao ahead of temperature – Beijing Beijing, Shenzhen in February 9, (Huang Junsheng) the 9 day is the lunar month is the beginning of the two bingshen year, the Spring Festival Golden Week holiday third days, sunny, boost people travel enthusiasm. According to the statistics of Huanggang entry and exit frontier inspection station, 7 days (New Year’s Eve) to 9, after the Huanggang, Futian port entry and exit passengers more than 500 thousand people, of which, to Hong Kong and Macao tour group nearly 8000, up to 23 thousand passengers. According to the Huanggang checkpoint police on duty, even days, the weather in Shenzhen is warm and sunny, and bring great convenience for people to travel, plus holidays "deepen peak travel" concept and "price advantage" in Hongkong and the combination of Chinese and Western cultures in Asia International will, in the Spring Festival is followed from generation to generation Chinese tradition at the same time into many international factors, to create "Hongkong flavor" have a unique style, a large number of household registration in Shenzhen "Monday" passenger and non Guangdong Ji Shenzhen resident in Hong Kong "free" endorsement to become an important source of outbound passengers. In addition, to improve the living standards of urban and rural residents, mainland residents of ordinary families choose to spend the new year has become a fashion, the usual to third to Hong Kong and Macao overseas travel or other mainland city "free" travelers and tour this year just after the new year’s Eve, many mainland residents can not wait to embark on the journey; and a large number of Hong Kong and Macao compatriots, overseas Chinese and foreign friends have returned home, family reunion immigration, tourism and leisure and experience China traditional rich flavor, so as to form various types of passenger flow peak superposition immigration. The second day of the lunar year (9 days) at 8:30 in the morning, holding the diversiform tour flags of the tour lead, travelers from the Huanggang pedestrian bridge has been crowded with the waiting hall to exit the road leading to the exit of car city hall; 10 pm, spectacular Futian port exit A, B, C District hall also is bursting with huge crowds of people ". In the morning of the two ports, the inbound passenger flow is relatively stable, and the pressure is greater than the exit direction, which ushered in a wave of passenger flow peak in advance, and continued to slow down until about 11:30. Hunan Guo Ji passengers in Shenzhen a foreign company in Shenzhen during the Spring Festival, Chinese New Year day, deliberately took 5 people to Thailand tourism resort the whole family, old and young. As of 15 p.m., there were more than 110 thousand entry and exit passengers at Huanggang and Futian ports in 9, of which more than 4100 were visited by Hong Kong and Macao, and more than 12 thousand passengers. Mainly from Shandong, Heilongjiang, Hebei, Guizhou, Chongqing, Sichuan, Hunan, Hubei, Henan, Anhui, Guangxi, Fujian and other places. Since the 9 day is the last day of the Hongkong public holiday, the police on duty will expect a large number of people returning to the mainland to return to the peak at the end of the evening, especially at the Huanggang port, which has 24 hours of customs clearance, showing a two-way passenger flow peak between the night and the morning. (end)

大年初二内地居民赴港澳游提前升温-中新网   中新网深圳2月9日电(黄俊生)9日是农历丙申年正月初二,春节黄金周长假期第三天,阳光明媚,助推人们出游热情。据皇岗出入境边防检查站统计,7日(除夕)至9日,经皇岗、福田口岸出入境旅客超过50万人次,其中,赴港澳游旅行团近8000个,达2.3万人次。   据皇岗边检站执勤民警介绍,连日来,深圳天气晴朗暖和、给人们出游带来较大便利,加上节假日“错峰出游”概念和“价格优势”的深化以及香港这个中西文化合璧的亚洲国际都会,在春节既沿袭着世代相传的中国传统习俗,同时也融入很多国际化因素,营造出别具一格的“香港年味”,令大批深圳户籍“一周一行”的旅客和非广东籍常住深圳赴港“自由行”签注的旅客成为出境的重要客源。   另外,城乡居民生活水平的提高,内地居民普通家庭选择出国过年已成为一种时尚,往年一般要到初三才赴港澳或境外游的内地其他城市“自由行”旅客和旅行团今年刚过完除夕,很多内地居民就迫不及待的踏上行程;而大批港澳台同胞、海外华人及外籍朋友纷纷入境返乡探亲、阖家团聚,旅游休闲和体验中国传统浓郁年味,从而形成多种类型旅客叠加出入境的客流高峰。   大年初二(9日)上午8时30分,在举着各色各样旅行团小旗的导游领引下,旅客自皇岗口岸人行天桥一直挤满出境候检厅到通往车港城出境大厅的路上;10时许,福田口岸出境大厅A、B、C区同样现人山人海“爆棚”的壮观景象。两个口岸上午时段入境方向客流比较平稳,压力较大是出境方向,均提前迎来了一波又一波的客流高峰,且持续至上午11时30分左右才趋缓。   湖南籍旅客郭先生在深圳某外企公司工作,春节期间选择在深圳过年,当天特意带着一家老小5人前往泰国旅游度假。   截至下午15时,9日经皇岗、福田口岸出入境旅客已逾11万人次,其中,赴港澳游旅行团达4100余个,超过1.2万人次。主要来自山东、黑龙江、河北、贵州、重庆、四川、湖南、湖北、河南、安徽、广西、福建等地。   由于9日是香港公众假期最后一天,执勤民警预计傍晚始出境方向将再迎大批回内地贺岁港人返程高峰,尤其是24小时通关的皇岗口岸深夜至凌晨时段呈现出入境双向客流高峰。(完)相关的主题文章: