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[map] FAW Chun sent A70 price of 6.48-8.78 million car new car Sohu – Sohu []2016 September 21st, Tianjin FAW official announced that its first A-class car brand sent Chun Chun sent A70 officially listed, launched a total of 6 models, the price of 6.48-8.78 million yuan. The new car will be listed on the Chery Yi Ruize 5, Changan escape models to compete. Appearance: Chun sent A70 overall design of young fashion, the front part adopts a dynamic black mesh grille, and joined the exquisite decorative chrome. The whole design is simple, using the dynamic modeling tail lamp and headlight echoes. The body size, Chun sent A70 body length and breadth were 46101790 1500mm, wheelbase 2630mm, positioning in the compact car. Interior: as a bias in the compact car home, Chun sent A70 interior lines is very smooth, using the console to the driver’s seat side style. In the configuration, Chun sent A70 the whole system comes standard with LED brake light, self luminous panel, rear window heating, four door power window. In addition to the technology and luxury models will be equipped with 7 inch LCD screen, electric sunroof, cruise control, multi-function steering wheel, luxury models will be equipped with a separate LED daytime driving lights and a starting device. Security configuration: Chun sent A70 line comes standard with ABS anti lock braking force distribution device and EBD device, four wheel disc brake, manual dimming rearview mirror. Technology and luxury models equipped with parking and parking radar image, will be equipped with ESP vehicle stability control, traction control, brake assist device and tire pressure alarm device on luxury models. Power: Chun sent A70 will be equipped with 1.6L naturally aspirated engine, the maximum power of 113 horsepower, peak torque of 155Nm cattle. Transmission, the new car will provide 5 speed manual and 6 speed manual gearbox for consumers to choose from the two. Editorial: for the first time in the compact car in the field of Tianjin FAW, Chun sent A70 is a very important time in Xiali cars. With the FAW Group, a strong network of resources, Chun sent A70 both in shape or chassis power adjustment has made no small progress. In the face of many competitors now compact level market, Chun sent A70 to reproduce the Xiali year generation of national car program, there is a long way to go. (Editor: Li Wei)相关的主题文章:

Canada announced an application to join the Asian investment bank welcomed Mr. Jin visualboyadvance

Canada announced an application to join the Asian investment bank Jin Liqun welcomed the Xinhua news agency in Beijing on 31 August, (reporter Liu Hongxia Shen Cheng) Canadian Finance Minister Bill · Monod announced in Beijing on 31, Canada will be formally applied to join the Asian infrastructure investment bank (investment bank). Asian investment bank president Jin Liqun welcomed this. Obviously, joining the investment bank is the best choice for canada." Monod in the Asian investment bank headquarters the day said at a news conference, the Asian investment bank represents a new orientation of international multilateralism, to succeed in the global economy in the future, we must build multiple strategic partnership, and opening to the world. Jin Liqun welcomes Canada’s decision. He said that since the Asian investment bank in January this year, has made great progress since the formal operation, Canada at this time to apply to join, it just reflects the Canadian side has confidence in Asian investment bank. Canada has a wealth of experience in multilateral issues." Jin Liqun said, looking forward to Canada to provide strong support, I believe that Canada will make a huge contribution to the development of Asian investment bank. Kim reiterated that the investment bank is an open international institutions, welcome all interested countries or economies before the deadline for September 30th this year to join. In the first Asian investment bank in June this year at the annual meeting, Jin Liqun said that the investment bank in September 30th this year will be open again before recruiting new members, is expected in early 2017 officially joined the Asian investment bank. Canada to join the Asian investment bank, North America may become the first country to join the agency. Jin Liqun also said that the core idea of the Asian investment bank is lean, clean, green, adopt a zero tolerance attitude towards corruption. Next, according to the factors of Asian investment bank business volume, determine staff configuration, "try to avoid redundancies". More exciting content to pay attention to WeChat search public number: Tencent Finance (financeapp).相关的主题文章: