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Daily wear practical choose this several more than 7 thousand meter enough lead: if you are not senior table fans and collectors, in fact, to watch the choice is very simple, as long as the general can meet the daily needs of wear, can be considered. Of course, most people buy watches or consider the price, within the yuan but also with daily use performance of watches in the minority, today we recommend editing several 7000 yuan watches (source: watch home) Tissot T-SPORT series T086.407.22.051.00 watch T086.407.22.051.00 watch series Tissot T-SPORT watch type: T086.407.22.051.00 movement type: automatic case material: stainless steel watch strap material: stainless steel case diameter: 41 mm table price: $7100 watch comments: founded in 1853, Tissot has maintained a high quality and accurate performance. This watch has a Tissot 5 bar (50 meters) of the waterproof performance, appearance is more classic. This watch is used to create a stainless steel case, with a rose gold bezel, your watch is more noble. Black dial with rose gold pointer and time mark, display more clear, easy to read; the three o’clock position of the date display brings more convenience to life. Watch a fine steel watchband collocation. Watch style simple but also have a very elegant temperament. Mido Baroncelli M027.407.16.010.00 watch Mido Baroncelli series M027.407.16.010.00 watch watch type: M027.407.16.010.00 movement type: automatic case material: stainless steel watch strap material: leather case diameter: 39 mm in the domestic price: $7600 watch comments: This Mido Baroncelli collection series of commemorative watches are a couple of tables in male models, you can also represent as the ultra-thin automatic watch. In general, more than ordinary appearance of thin sheet thickness, because the thin on behalf of the high technology content, and it is automatic, or watch three needle and the movement is very beautiful. This watch is very popular this year. At this price, I don’t think there’s anything worth buying. The design is very prominent, clear and easy to read, brand influence, the movement is based on the ETA 2829 high-quality sports, as well as commemorative significance, so I personally think that the price is very attractive. As the daily table, this table is more suitable for thin dress collocation. Freescale series 0606802 watch Movado Movado Movado movado watch watch Freescale series 0606802 models: 0606802 types of movement: Quartz Case Material: stainless steel watch strap material: stainless steel case diameter: 40 mm table price: $7800 to watch comments: Movado iconic Museum Dial and modern design.相关的主题文章: