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Business Department of the most favored stocks exposed 5 shares over a hundred million yuan of net buying sina finance App: Live on-line blogger to listen to the guidance of new media expert Jiepan "selected Niugu tournament Lin shares Securities Times stock market data statistics, as of the treasure" (August 30th) at the closing stock index reported 3074.68 points, up 4.65 points, or 0.15%; the Shenzhen component index reported 10729.12 points, up 4.72 points, or 0.04%; gem index reported 2195.53 points, up 2.33 points, or 0.10%. A shares 30 billion 530 million shares, turnover of $422 billion 78 million, less than the previous trading day by 2.20%. At the same time, in today’s landing Shanghai and Shenzhen two billboard stocks, sales over 100 million yuan of net buying company has 5, the motherboard 3, 1 small plates, the gem 1. Specifically, the air traffic control today is the most favored stocks of funds, the Department of the net purchase amount of 133 million yuan, topped the list. In addition, happiness blue ocean, SKYWORTH digital, rabbit baby and Guangxi radio and television and other stocks, the net purchase amount of the Ministry of business ranking. (data treasure) today business department bought a net amount of over 50 million yuan securities company securities referred to code on change (%) turnover (million) Business Department of the net purchase amount (million) proportion (%) 7.74 212822.23 13302.44 6.25 aircraft moving control 4.09 174327.48 12592.58 7.22 SKYWORTH happy blue ocean number 7.39 98290.36 12220.75 12.43 baby rabbits 9.97 111722.33 11750.45 10.52 283214.53 11506.58 4.06 Guangxi radio -0.61 49489.98 9325.42 18.84 4.82 Eastern Star (data interpretation: according to billboard data, the Shanghai and Shenzhen Stock Exchange Daily late single stocks bought and sold the top five business department, buy the amount minus the amount sold by the business department of the net purchase amount.) Enter the Sina financial stocks] discussion相关的主题文章: