Samsung w2017 United Telecom released Xiaolong 820 price 20 thousand yuan

Samsung W2017: United Telecom released Xiaolong 820 price 20 thousand yuan Phoenix Francisco November 3rd message, today Samsung Telecom in China Hangzhou officially released the "heart of the world series, a new generation of models, Samsung W2017, as Tianyi Telecom custom machine on behalf of the high-end models also stars benefit concert once a year. Samsung W2017 clamshell models is still familiar, and has two double curved surface screen, as usual this model did not disclose the price, in accordance with the previous pricing strategy point of view, the stock price will still be 20 thousand yuan. Samsung W2017, Samsung W2017 in part, with the previous models, the continuation of the contemporary design of ID S series models, this machine adopts the design of flip, screen using 2.5D arc glass, inside and outside the two screen with 4.2 inches of Super AMOLED screen, resolution is reached 1080P. In terms of color, Samsung W2017 offers a golden, blue two colors, the whole machine is more full of fashion sense. In the hardware configuration, the Samsung W2017 equipped with a Qualcomm snapdragon 820 processor, clocked at 2.15GHz, using the 14 nanometer process, the power consumption and performance has a good performance. Samsung W2017 also uses a combination of 4GB RAM+64GB to support the highest 256GB expansion of the microSD card, and the use of a 5 million +1200 pixel camera combination, ROM battery capacity of 2300mAh. The price of 20 thousand yuan in the network, as the telecom Tianyi mobile phone Samsung high-end flagship model W2017 provides the whole network to support the 5 mode, in addition to the telecommunications network outside the network are mobile and China Unicom to support this, but also to meet the needs of business people, the system will run the Samsung W2017 TouchWiz system Android 6.0.1 system version of the depth of customization based on.相关的主题文章: