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The new technology leading the trend: JoinU live APP not the same broadcast platform – Sohu technology network broadcast in South Korea recently settled on both sides of the Changjiang River, broadcast live in China, there is a top talent, such as face contest, broadcast platform at present is through the Internet platform to show to the user, with the continuous development of science and technology the broadcast platform client also has become a public broadcast platform development, JoinU recently developed a JoinU version of app1.7.4 released a high-profile debut, is said to have changed the traditional way of live, and increase the number of functional, better services for customers. The traditional live is nothing more than a platform on the internet live interaction, while the JoinU app1.7.4 version adds many features, according to the story of the function that the JoinU client is not only a variety of activities hall users can also according to their own interests to participate in the activities of interaction, other functions can be recorded during the video, share their hobbies, new, diverse, colorful live content always have a love of you". In fact, the most surprising is that there is a small JoinU app on the same circle of friends like WeChat, JoinU app is a circle of activities, users can always share interesting things around, get unexpected surprises. The lead in science and technology and under the guidance of many client software with new interface design and rich content to win the keen users of JoinU, the app is like this, the new interface design, and the high value of Yan beauty and men share interests. Compared with the traditional broadcast platform, JoinU app is rich and colorful, with the original video content and wonderful fun, interactive, and users share by anchor users, has become a high-end platform and social interest in the field of broadcast platform. Want to attract attention, broadcast platform must have a unique means to win customers the hot heart, JoinU version of app1.7.4 as has just been released, so to live the activities of the prize, this is really in the heat and brought fresh. Xiao Bian also look forward to the JoinU we do not bring the same broadcast platform, and in-depth understanding of this just know JoinU recently had the prize activities, user login JoinU login directly into the live broadcast live, click apply, open the accumulated specific gift "method". Anchor rankings on activities during the cumulative gain specific gift "balm" number. I have to JoinU the thumbs up, so awesome, and JoinU as the emerging field of science and technology innovation platform, so capricious is understandable, in the activities of the top 10 friends can get rewards, the first name is HUAWEI P9, 2-3 iPad mini4, 4-5 iPod touch, the 6-10 name is Lenovo UL20 microphone, professional sound card. Really good willfulness, their prize I want to get ah! You tell me who I think is the same, to forget!相关的主题文章: