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Self driving tour, find fantastic flowers and happy childhood – Sohu travel will make people humble, you will know that the earth is large, and you will never have a different person, thing, on the other side of the earth occurred. See the world wide, it does not confine himself to the small pattern, no longer detest the world and its ways. Photo: food a day like locust tail earth, cold weather, the breath of autumn, the sky under a drizzle, since the old man bought after he ran too far out of the door, so about a couple of buddy, drove to Gaoming ecological park, Jiuzhai shuicheng. Is very convenient, an hour’s drive from the exit turn right down to the Lancang River, a place not far from Guangzhou, feeling from the city to the mountains, surrounded by mountains, flowers, a Seto powder, eat Roasted Whole Lamb, dodgems, aerial. And small partners to play very happy. In Guangzhou so long, ashamed to say, I did not know there is such a fun place. The north is an invigorating autumn climate, the South or hot dog, if not a rain seasons, less obvious southern people have the illusion of happiness. Ying Xiang thought too state is a farm style resort, the vast sea watching, not far from the hills, flowers scattered in the playground. Seto powder Festival has just begun, I look forward to is the fairy tale world. We happily like a child flowers in the shuttle. In Hong Ying ecological park, hundreds of acres of flowers, blooming spiderflower has begun opening sequence, a wonderful picture of the brilliant purples and reds. Spiderflower the best viewing period in mid September, flowering will continue until the beginning of October. We just caught the tail of youth to watch, in the sun, like the colorful flowers, butterflies dance, with pedicels slender erect, waving in the breeze, flowers, beautiful. Without lens, the HUAWEI P9 mobile phone with a large aperture function of the shoot beautiful spiderflower. Color, aperture, macro. The effect of satisfying people. Any of various flower stalks long and sturdy, racemes form a lush flowers, beautiful flower shaped petals reunion chic, such as fan, protruding stamens like claws, like butterflies, tender and beautiful color, early white, turn pink, purple flower color, after the change, with nectar, often make butterfly intoxicated, named. Long stamens exserted from the corolla, like a spider, such as asparagus, quite interesting. Spiderflower open, the petals slowly open, long claws from flowers by bending to pop up in the process, as the film generally slow fast lens. Spiderflower, Capparidaceae spiderflower is a biennial herbaceous plant. Stems erect, height 40 cm -60 cm, some varieties of up to 1 meters, will send out a strong smell. Attracts butterflies in the flowers have come. Flower: flower spiderflower and symbolic representations: mystery. Deep in the sea, Hong Ying ecological park at home and abroad to introduce dozens of mobile games, is suitable for family carousel, automatic aircraft; but also the pursuit of stimulation of the jungle mouse trap, china. Adults and children will always find a suitable game. It is worth mentioning that,。相关的主题文章: