September 9th evening heavy impact on the stock market news summary! (attached) jodie foster

September 9th evening heavy impact on the stock market news summary! (of shares), a securities news: [] Policy Commission: Measures for the management of major asset restructuring of Listed Companies in September 9th to implement the new regulations issued by the SFC revised management approach on major asset restructuring of listed companies, will be released on September 9th and the implementation of measures. The main amendments include: first, to improve the restructuring of the listing criteria, refinement of the control of listed companies to determine the change of the standard, the cumulative period of 60 months. 60 months, does not apply to the reorganization of GEM listed companies and other specific industries. Two, the abolition of the reorganization of listed supporting financing, to extend the lock period of shareholders, to curb short-term speculation and the concept of speculation. Three, strengthen the responsibility of listed companies and intermediaries, increase accountability efforts. The Commission revised restructuring Listing Rules shorten cold period suspension time to 1 months the Commission said that the previous exchange has issued guidelines to stop the resumption of the day before, the Commission makes the corresponding revision. A revision is to shorten the cold period, shortened from 3 months to 1 months; two is the subject of the transaction related matters clear project standards, including environmental protection, construction can not be on the board of directors is unable to obtain the documents before the resolution, should make a significant risk disclosure. The exchange intends to set up the threshold of 300 thousand yuan Shanghai and Shenzhen Stock Exchange issued a "Shanghai stock exchange grading fund business management guidelines on the classification of the fund investors (Draft)" Notice of public comment. Shanghai and Shenzhen Stock Exchange said that investors in the system perfect, strengthen investor access management and risk disclosure, investors set up 300 thousand yuan securities assets threshold; trigger the next fold B share in the conversion date with * mark. For possible or may occur under the conversion and B class share premium higher classification fund, requiring fund managers to release risk warning notice; in the conversion of the benchmark date of B class shares increased by 1 hours in the afternoon suspension. The "guidelines" for the deadline for comments in October 9, 2016. Commission on Securities and futures investors appropriate management approach for public comment on the Commission on Securities and futures investors appropriate management approach for public comment. The Commission said that the securities and futures market is a professional market risk, a variety of product features vary widely, there is a big difference in investor risk appetite, product demand varies. Therefore, in the practice of the development of the capital market, it is necessary to classify the management of investors, the appropriate products available to the appropriate investors, the core of the approach is to allow business institutions to conduct a scientific classification of investors. Commission on poverty regional Corporation IPO opened a green channel issued by the Commission to play a role in the role of the capital market to serve the country out of poverty strategy. Commission on poverty in the enterprise IPO, three new board listing, bond issuance, mergers and acquisitions, etc. to open up the green channel, is currently under the implementation of the implementation details of the poverty alleviation advice. Commission: listed companies to disclose the existence of eight issues the Commission annual report released 2015 annual accounting supervision of listed companies, the problems mainly include eight types: identification and classification of foreign investment properties are not correct; the seller has confirmed credit product sales revenue point is not the same, confirmation of income information disclosure norms more prominent problems.相关的主题文章: