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Siu Chung Mok admitted that divorce 26 years younger wife: little luck and fate — Hainan window – Siu Chung Mok map screenshot micro-blog according to Hongkong media reported on October 8th, the 54 year old artist Siu Chung Mok with 28 year old Mrs. Sun Yunling married in 2011, after having a baby Mo Zhi Yan, 8, Siu Chung Mok has been divorced with Sun Yunling until the evening, Siu Chung Mok finally in the micro-blog sound, which originally wanted to downplay the family, he also admitted that his wife divorced, he wrote: "the low-key family, I do not know why on the news again. As you can see, I regret, and Linda couldn’t walk to the end of life on the road, a fork in the road too much, it is a little bit of luck and fate. Thank the friends of the care and comfort, for life to polish and sharpen my, starting today, play, a good tea, Yan Zhi take will become the three most important things in my life. Thank you again for the crowd, the weather is late, all scattered it." Sun Yunling Siu Chung Mok was abandoned and only 23 year old singer Sun Yunling married, Siu Chung Mok has said that life is low tide, meet Sun Yunling, think of the two marriage lasted for five years, it is said that the original divorce does not involve third parties, may be incompatible with the old wife, cultural differences and personality and other factors, at the same time Sun Yunling give up custody of her daughter, Siu Chung Mok to father and mother to take care of her daughter. (commissioning editor Xing Dandan and Chen Haiyan)相关的主题文章: