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Spring Festival tour in Australia can catch up with 10 years, the signing fee is 3 times the visa 5 times, November 19th, for Chinese citizens to go to Australia, "10 years of multiple visas" effective. The visa holder may enter the country within 10 years of validity, and stay at the maximum 90 days in australia. This is the seventh country to launch a 10 year visa to China after the United States, Canada, Singapore, Japan, South Korea and israel. Reporters from the tourism industry was informed that the Australian 10 year visa is expected to be officially implemented in early 12, but the specific information is still waiting for the written notification of the consulate. It is expected that this year’s Spring Festival plan to travel to Australia, just catch up with 10 year visa, became the first beneficiary. Suitable for a long time to go to the crowd more than 10 years, Australia Tourism should be how to choose their own visa? Reporters learned that the current Chinese tourists travel to Australia can choose a single visa and 3 years of multiple visas, consulate fees are 135 Australian dollars, equivalent to about 700 yuan, plus visa center fees and travel service charges, only 1000 yuan. The 10 year visa fee is 1000 Australian dollars, equivalent to about 5200 yuan, 5 times the number of visas in 3 years. Ctrip experts believe that the 10 year visa is more suitable for long-term plans to frequent travel to Australia, such as Australian travel enthusiasts, investment in Australia, or relatives of tourists in australia. In addition, Australia with a group tour costs about 2-3 yuan, in the outbound tourism is a higher level, so relative to middle-income people, 10 year visa is more suitable for high-income earners. Related big data also show that, from the age of the Australian visa guests analysis, "85 after" and "after 90" young group is more inclined to moderate price 3 years many times Australia sign. But 10 years of Australian visa search volume also increased significantly, the signing of the staff is expected to mainly in high-income groups, such as high-level enterprises, white-collar workers with certain income, or short-term study and training staff in australia. 10 years will sign the hot depth tour of Australia for 10 years to sign after the commencement of the tourism industry generally believe that will give the in season tour of Australia, adds a fire. Where to go network holiday channel data show that the current Australian free travel and land connection line reservation amount compared with the same period last year increased by 50%, Australia WiFi booking volume also has 60% growth. Chinese tourists, especially the middle and high end customers, have a special liking for the 10 year visa destination. Long term visa can not only save signing time, but also walk when you meet the favorite route." Ctrip Australia travel experts said, according to statistics, more than 90% of the Australian Chinese tourists belong to Australia for the first time, the main destination is concentrated in Sydney, Gold Coast, Keynes, Melbourne and other places. 10 year visa further simplified Chinese citizens into Australia procedures, in order to attract more "repeat customers" to Australia Tourism or business activities. At that time, such as the Northern Territory in the wilderness of Ayers Rock, the southern state of Tasmania, the original ecological scenery of Queensland and Hamilton will become the new choice of China tourists. 2017 China Australia Tourism Year "our Shanghai" landing in Australia (this video is only extended) move fingers, at any time to inquire traffic violations! Sweep 1)

春节游澳洲可赶上10年签 费用是3年签证5倍 11月19日,针对中国公民赴澳大利亚的“10年多次签证”生效。持该签证者可在10年有效期内多次入出境,每次最多可在澳停留90天。这是继美国、加拿大、新加坡、日本、韩国、以色列之后第七个对华推出10年签证的国家。记者从旅游业获悉,澳洲10年签证预计将在12月中上旬正式实施,但具体信息还在等待领馆书面通知。预计今年春节计划前往澳洲的旅客,刚好赶上10年签证,成为首批受益者。适合长期频繁前往人群多了10年签,赴澳旅游应该如何选择适合自己的签证?记者了解到,目前中国游客赴澳大利亚旅游可以选择单次签证和3年多次签证,领馆签证费用都是135澳元,折合约700元人民币,加上签证中心的费用和旅行社服务费,也仅在1000多元。而10年签证的费用在1000澳元,相当于5200元人民币左右,是3年多次签证的5倍。携程专家认为,10年签证更适合长期有计划频繁前往澳大利亚的人群办理,如澳洲旅游发烧友、在澳洲投资置业、或有亲属在澳洲的游客。加之澳大利亚一次跟团游的费用约在2-3万元,在出境游中属于较高的水平,因此相对于中等收入人群,10年签证更适合高收入者办理。相关大数据也显示,从办理澳洲签证的客人的年龄层面分析,“85后”、“90后”年轻群体更倾向于价格适中的3年多次澳签。但10年澳洲签证的搜索量也明显上升,办签人员预计主要以中高收入群体为主,例如企业高层、具有一定收入的白领阶层,或在澳短期学习及培训人员。10年签将催热深度游澳洲10年签生效后,旅游业普遍认为,将给本就处于旺季的澳大利亚旅游再添一把火。去哪儿网度假频道数据显示,当前赴澳自由行及地接线路预订量较去年同期有50%增幅,澳洲WiFi预订量也有60%的增幅。“中国游客尤其是中高端客户群对可办10年多次签证的目的地情有独钟。长期签证不但可以节省办签时间,遇到心仪路线也可说走就走。”携程澳洲游专家表示,据统计,90%以上的赴澳中国游客属于初次赴澳旅游,主要目的地集中在悉尼、黄金海岸、凯恩斯、墨尔本等地。10年签证进一步简化中国公民进入澳大利亚程序,以吸引更多“回头客”赴澳旅游或进行商务活动。届时,如北领地艾尔斯岩的荒原落日、南部塔斯马尼亚州的原生态景色、昆士兰州的汉密尔顿等将成为中国游客新选择。 2017中澳旅游年《我们的上海》登陆澳洲 (该视频仅供延展)动动手指,随时查询交通违法! 扫一扫下方二维码,关注腾讯大申网! 欢迎关注腾讯大申网微信(微信号:dashenw)相关的主题文章: