St biochemical amendment of the articles of association twice during the year was whether investors

ST biochemical amendment of the articles of association twice during the year was whether investors dissatisfied unfulfilled commitments for Sina App: Live on-line blogger to guide the purchase of new shares: the stock market is the most simple way to pick up the money Sina Finance News September 30th news, ST biochemical announcement yesterday evening, the company changed Zhang Chengxiu motion has not been adopted by the general meeting of shareholders, which is the ST biochemical years in the two amendment of the articles of association was not. Announcements, including Xingquan’s funds, 37.37% investors against the revised bill through the articles of association. It is worth noting that ST biochemical profit for 8 consecutive years, but for various reasons, has not yet been Zhaimao, investors for a major shareholder revitalization group for many years failed to honor commitments to strong dissatisfaction. ST biochemical amendment of the articles of association twice during the year was not ST biochemical announcement, held yesterday in the company in 2016 first provisional East Conference "on the revision of < the revitalization of biochemical Limited by Share Ltd >" the bill has not been passed, accounting for 37.3677% votes. This is the second year of the ST biochemical amendment to the articles of association of the motion was rejected. In June 30th this year, the 2015 annual general meeting resolutions, amendments to the constitution of the motion of the opposition accounted for more than 25.81%. This time to participate in online voting for the top ten shareholders, Xingquan’s four funds, as well as the third largest shareholder of Tianjin ST Biochemical Technology Co., Ltd. red John voted. According to biochemical ST 2016 semi annual report, Xingquan’s four fund companies entered the top 10 list of shareholders of ordinary shares, the cumulative shareholding of about 6.19%; Tianjin red John Technology Co., shareholding ratio is 2.23%. It is understood that the motion for the amendment, investors focus on the board of directors to expand the scope of examination and approval authority, the issue of the relevant shareholders vote, the removal of directors, etc.. There are investors that the revised articles of association of the existing shareholders of the revitalization of the group favorable. Sina Finance combing found that the new program will terminate the directorship of the term, from the original "shareholders can not remove him without cause" down to five items, including "national laws and regulations or the provisions of the articles of association shall not act as directors; serious dereliction of duty; non independent director not to attend 2 consecutive do not entrust other directors attended the meeting of the board of directors; independent director for 3 times not to attend the meetings of the board of directors; the resignation of serious diseases." The new scheme removed the original articles of association "single shareholder nominated supervisor shall not exceed 12 of the total number of supervisors" expression; associated with the shareholder vote, added "if there are special circumstances related shareholders can not be avoided, the company with the securities regulatory authorities China consent, may vote in accordance with normal procedures." The general meeting of shareholders to grant approval authority of the board, the total assets involved in the transaction by the "no more than the company’s latest audited total assets of 30% to below the company’s audited total assets increased 50%"; "the board of directors can decide to borrow from banks and other financial institutions according to the business situation. The single loan amount does not exceed the company’s latest audited net assets of 30%, total borrowing occurred in the year does not exceed the approval of the shareholders’ annual financial budget theory相关的主题文章: