Standard fund trading is not trivial and timely and necessary to strictly regulate demonophobia

Standard fund trading is not a trivial and timely and necessary to strictly regulate the exposure of the Sina fund platform: letter Phi lag behind false propaganda, long-term performance is lower than similar products, how to buy a fund pit? Click [I want to complain], Sina help you expose them! Intelligent investment consulting platform barbaric growth behind the inevitable risks. The securities regulatory authorities should increase efforts to crack down on pseudo intelligent no qualification of the investment adviser, investment platform of intelligent supervision of illegal products, thorough investigation of the relevant responsible person, to enhance investor risk education recently, part of the red hot smart investment advisory platform, the third party Fortune Management Inc APP successively under the frame of public fund products. The cause is China Commission news, unregistered Internet platform with intelligent adviser and other unauthorized to carry out the public offering of securities investment fund sales activities, will be punished according to law. In the eyes of ordinary people, the sale of fund products is a "small", a sense of the investors can identify the risk, the industry also has sales license "threshold", do not have the qualifications of the "Li Gui" will be eliminated, it should not be "tube too wide". In fact, strict norms not only timely and necessary. Intelligent investment is the financial sector of the Internet neologisms, it customer’s own financial needs, asset status, risk tolerance, risk preferences and other factors based on the use of modern portfolio theory and algorithm to build the data model, using the technology of artificial intelligence and network platform to provide financial advisory services. In the rapid development of Internet banking, investment may become "smart key capital – Asset allocation. The report predicts that in the next 10 years, the assets under the management of robot consultants will show exponential growth. Thus, many domestic Internet Co, Internet banking platform, the traditional financial institutions are attracted by a good market prospects. According to incomplete statistics, claim that the Internet financial platform with intelligent investment function or is developing a smart investment function has more than 30. However, barbaric growth behind the inevitable risks. Individual platform play edge ball, the part does not allow the sale of overseas information management products into the total assets of the investment pool; some intelligent high risk products dress into low risk and high return products. Currently, there are 2 main ways to fund the classification of funds: first, through the fund sales company recognition, purchase and then split hold, the two is through the brokerage APP or with the stock trading functions APP buy A, B share. In theory, the first method of investors must be qualified investors, the risk assessment process; and using second methods of investors are basically bypassing the risk assessment, high leverage on product knowledge is impossible. Many investors are only simply grading funds equivalent to the general public fund or stock, once in the investment advice of pseudo intelligent blind purchase, the possibility of great loss. In fact, the intelligent investment still belongs to the securities investment advisory business, the "securities investment advisory business Interim Provisions" and other related regulations. No matter how the service scene, service and customer orientation changes, must obtain the relevant qualifications of the China Securities Regulatory Commission, without permission of the securities and Futures Commission相关的主题文章: