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Strange two million accounts: the stock market downturn and even new investors to open an account number: App high frequency of sina finance live on-line blogger to tutor Jiepan listen to expert selection on Tournament Lin shares Niugu Sina Financial News August 4 (2016.08.22-2016.08.26), the number of the Shanghai and Shenzhen two city of new investment is 634 thousand and 100, an increase of 24.8%, a nearly 14 month high. In August the first three weeks, the number of new accounts were 304 thousand and 500 (08.01-08.05), 405 thousand (08.15-08.19), 507 thousand and 200 (08.22-08.26), by week soared; if the number of accounts in August and the last three trading days, it means that the number of new accounts in August more than 2 million people. Monthly change in the number of new investors to add 2 million account number is what concept? The digital only compared to the significance, last July, the Shanghai and Shenzhen two city accounts for more than 2 million, then fell to 1 million in March this year, the number of accounts has more than 2 million households, then the new chairman of the Commission at the start, the stock market out of the rebound, coupled with the Spring Festival, the number of accounts after the two peak; the account number is basically stable at about 300000 per week, a level of about 1300000 per month. Now year month, prices are not volatile, the number of accounts by week suddenly soared, this is strange. What is the concept of 2 million new accounts for the market? Each new investors invested 50 thousand yuan, which means that there are 100 billion funds into the market. Such a large amount of money into the market, the disk is to respond, why not? Elusive. 2 million what is the concept of brokerage account number? In accordance with the number of effective access to each account to obtain the cost of 1000 yuan, which means that the broker to invest $2 billion. In addition, published by China settlement data can be seen, although the number of new investors last week hit a 14 month high, but investors trading activity is somewhat lower, investors accounted for the decline continues to open. Chinese settlement released data show that the number of investors involved in the transaction last week was 16 million 443 thousand and 200, among them, participate in trading A shares was 16 million 16 thousand and 100, accounting for the number of investors have opened A shares account for 14.46%, compared with the previous week’s 16.12% decline; the number of the final positions of 50 million 734 thousand and 900 investors, including A shares held by investors for the number of 49 million 751 thousand and 200 the number of A shares account has been opened for investors in 44.92%, compared to the previous week, 45.12% of the proportion continued to decline. More good, given the so-called "reasonable explanation", analysis of Datong Securities chief investment adviser Zheng Hong said, there are three reasons in recent three weeks the number of new investors continued growth: one is a lot of investors hope that the second half will have a wave of market, the market shock consolidation after a period of time, investors can choose at the bottom of the region considered Jiancang layout; two is close to a period of time through the Shanghai stock continued to show a net inflow of state, on the part of investors, is at the bottom of Jiancang相关的主题文章: