Taking into account the practical and fashion 200 thousand joint venture compact SUV recommended hyuna

Taking into account the utility and fashion 200 thousand joint venture compact SUV recommend Phoenix car Shenzhen shopping guide: I would like to know how hot SUV, look at the list of SUV sales will know. After all, the SUV space is large, the carrying capacity is sufficient, the power is strong, the chassis is high, suitable for a variety of road conditions. But to so many popular SUV pick a love of their own, both practical and stylish is really not easy, look at Xiaobian to recommend a few this: both practical and stylish 200 thousand joint venture compact SUV recommended unit: million models MSRP price concessions are car 4S shop inquiry Changan – Ford 19.38-27.58 3: details of a small car 4001886686 inquiry 7259 Changan Mazda -CX-5 details 16.98-24.58 2.5 0755-28671999 small car inquiry Beijing Hyundai -ix35 details 14.98-22.28 3 inquiry small car Volkswagen Tiguan 0755-27717628 – details of 19.98-31.58 3.5 4001886686 3587 inquiry small car Dongfeng Honda -CR-V details 17.98-24.98 1.7 4001886686 4517 inquiry small car FAW TOYOTA -RAV4 details 17.98-26.98 0.5 small car 4000681313 to 8590 tab inquiry Changan: Phoenix car – Ford: guide price: 19.38-27.58 million 2017 Ford: EcoBoost 180 four-wheel drive luxury wing Phoenix Automotive News price information: Recently, Phoenix car regional editor from Shenzhen Gongcheng Investment Development Company Limited (Ford) was informed that the shop there are cars in the sale of Tiger wing models, Car Buying maximum discount 30 thousand yuan. Interested in this car friends may wish to pay more attention to. Please see the table below: maverick latest price changes quotation unit: million yuan model guidance price preferential rate of inventory situation 2017 EcoBoost 180 two 19.38 16.88 2.50 fine drive airfoil inquiry 2017 EcoBoost small car 180 two 21.78 19.28 2.50 drive platinum airfoil inquiry small 2017 EcoBoost 180 four-wheel drive luxury car airfoil 23.98 21.48 the inquiry of 2.50 small car 2017 Ecoboost 180 two 22.98 20.48 2.50 drive luxury wing inquiry small car 2017 Ecoboost 180 4WD statue of 2.50 small car inquiry 23.48 airfoil 25.98 2017 EcoBoost 245 24.58 22.08 2.50 inquiry platinum 4WD airfoil small car car相关的主题文章: