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Tao Hanlin 27+8 Ding 23 single foreign aid Shandong beat Jiangsu to take two straight CBA Collection – Thompson 24+20 27 103-88 Jiangsu Shandong Han Lin Tao Beijing late on November 20, 2016, CBA entered the ninth round, Shandong high-speed home court against Jiangsu kendiya, before the eight round of the Shandong record in Jiangsu. Jiangsu has made a good start, under the leadership of Thompson, the first section of the Shandong section of the Jiangsu times ahead, with a single foreign aid to Shandong, but Tao Hanlin’s attack, Shandong will lead to two digits. The third day of silence half of the Brooks show, Jiangsu will help narrow the difference to a digit, paratelum Jiangsu foreign aid Samuels was injured, Jiangsu lack of stamina, Shandong will win firmly in their own hands, the final 103 to 88 victory over Jiangsu home court. Shandong made two winning streak, the end of Jiangsu’s two game winning streak, foreign aid injured. In this game, Shandong scored in double figures 4, Sui ran 11 points, 27 points Tao Hanlin, Ding Yan Yu Hang 23 points, Thompson 24 points and 19 rebounds. Jiangsu only 4 people on the score double, easy to stand up to 12 points, Chang Linzhu, Brooks, 25 points and 11 rebounds, 19 points for the president of the United States. Jiangsu opening into the state faster, Yi Li, Chang Linzhu, Jason each often hit a record three points, more flowering start leading 13-5 Shandong. The home team to strengthen the defense, Thompson scored 4 points, Ding Yan Yu Hang and Sui ran also stand out, until Ding Yanyu outside the aircraft hit, Shandong to a 13-3 attack climax, the score will lead to 18-16 Jiangsu, only Chang Linzhu outside hit, Jiangsu’s request to suspend. The game continued Shandong Ding Yan Yu Hang and Thompson attack the basket again 4 points, Jiangsu by Chang Linzhu broke the scoring drought, the rebound is bad, Yang force outwire hit, leading Shandong 25-18. Samuels in the basket hit, Liu Yahui jumper, Jiangsu scored 4 points. Cao Zhenhua and Thompson as the team scored 4 points, only the Jiangsu big two free throws, the end of the first quarter, Shandong leading Jiangsu 29-23. The second section of the game, Jiangsu double foreign aid against the single outside of Shandong, Jiangsu wave 7-2 offensive advantage, only 30-31 behind Shandong. Tao Hanlin hit a layup, Thompson Lee made Yuanyu foul, hit two free throws, Jiangsu defensive loopholes, accompanied by failure, Shandong continuous breaking the fast ball, Yang force hit a layup and foul, Shandong scored 8 points, leading 39-30, Jiangsu suspended jianshibumiao. Yang Li plus penalty is not, but then broke the ball, Jiangsu offensive and defensive chaos, Tao Hanlin and the impact of the basket after the continuous score of Shandong, score 45-30 lead. Yi Li layup success 2+1, Jiangsu broke the scoring drought. Single outside Shandong play a more proactive, and rely more on Jiangsu alone, Zhang Hui outwire hit Shandong, and a 11-7 offensive advantage, has been leading Jiangsu 56-37. Samuels basket scored 4 points, Shandong immediately suspended, the field 56-41 lead. Then the two teams each attack failed, Tao Hanlin hand dunk, Cao Fei hit the jumper, the end of the first half, Shandong leading Jiangsu 58-43. Variable battles, Tao Hanlin played a strong hand, then Tao Hanlin made Li Yuanyu foul, two punish in the one).相关的主题文章: