Test drive the new Peugeot 308 a runaway little simba acbel

Test drive the new Peugeot 308 a runaway "Little Simba" Phoenix car – grab try driving if insisted on let the car with the lion elements can be linked, most people will think it beautiful, the main reason is the "Lion Logo" has long been popular. Before all of the Peugeot impression remains in "this is a fairly distinctive features of the French car"; but in recent years, the Peugeot models in the use of a new design concept and joined the 1.2THP, 1.6THP and 1.8THP turbocharged engine, it looks ordinary, poor motivation "hat" was finally picked. Compact hatchback models such as 308S, use the 1.6THP engine, the whole range of children’s sports has emerged. Today, we will bring you another new Peugeot Peugeot, in internal was dubbed "Little Simba" – a new 308! This is the Dongfeng Peugeot as the next 5 years rose blue to "new brand planning new 308 has been unveiled at the Beijing auto show, announced the sale price and start the pre-sale in September 2nd opening of the Chengdu auto show, and officially listed in September 25th. The biggest highlight of the new car is based on the new EMP2 platform to build, and equipped with 1.2THP, 1.6THP and 1.6 liters of three engines, so that consumers can have more choice. Recently, we have to try to drive the car equipped with 1.6THP engine, we are going to feel this sexy and vibrant little lion king in advance! Related articles link a, EMP2 platform is what? EMP2 modular platform is a new modular platform Peugeot, compared to before the previous fixed modular platform based EMP platform, the new platform has more extensive applicability, on this basis, the vehicle, body size, body configuration, the total power of Chengdu can be adjusted according to the different models of demand, general realization more models. In the vehicle wheelbase, EMP1 modular platform in the production of small cars can produce 2540 mm -2675 mm wheelbase models based on production, can be equipped with 1.6T engine models; EMP2 platform can produce the longest wheelbase 2900 mm, and the maximum displacement of the intermediate vehicle equipped with 2.0L. Two, the appearance of the new car? As long as you are a people who understand the car the car, that is a unique beautiful French romantic design style models. 308 new styling of the new design, the front face of the lattice chrome front grille Peugeot family, headlight for lionpaw type design, and integrated into the LED source. Car tail shape is unique, taillights are communicated by dark trim, the trunk lid is provided with convex edge like a small spoiler. Taillights were blackened, create taillights lionpaw shape, wide black trim panel through the rear of the car, connected with the two side taillights. Exhaust layout uses a low profile hidden design. Three, new car interior? Interior is still a typical French style, the fusion of science and technology in the romantic sense of movement than 308S looks more radical. In particular, the more the use of silver decorative frame, so that the car’s light texture better. The exercise of the interior function!相关的主题文章: