The 11 row is selling inferior double exposure Baidu word of mouth calls for intelligent consumption

The 11 row is selling inferior double exposure? Baidu’s reputation for wisdom consumer Sohu technology today, online shopping festival has become a hotly contested spot in the melee electricity supplier. When the double 11 ushered in the eighth year, followed by the emergence of a limited time to buy, one yuan spike, explosion spike, shopping back now and a big wave of promotional benefits. Behind the carnival, online shopping trap for consumers worried. The association of consumer protection regulatory departments, each electricity supplier in all sorts of measures on the rights of online shopping orders, Baidu reputation will also Chinese consumer network, combined with the authority of the media Sohu news, Consumer Reports magazine full exposure of "double 11" selling behavior, help consumers avoid another online shopping trap "". The first online shopping chaos urgent rectification special provisions to escort the "double 11" period, the major electricity supplier platform to increase promotional efforts to attract consumers, often have bad businesses and criminals by false discount, false sales, phishing links and other illegal means to profit. According to the national development and Reform Commission announced the 2015 double 11 comprehensive credit rating report shows that 7 million 500 thousand promotional items, there are 52.99% of the previous price increases, the price of the day. The last lesson, this year "double 11" online shopping market consolidation and safeguarding the legitimate rights and interests of consumers is urgent. In order to regulate this year’s double 11 online shopping market, the NDRC Price Supervision Bureau and other departments jointly held in October 30th, double the price of 11 to remind the warning will remind operators to promote the law. In November 3rd, the national development and Reform Commission issued "the network transaction price reporting rules (Trial)", if the consumer complaints are proposed electricity price violations, online shopping platform should cooperate with the investigation, if the platform fails to cooperate with the investigation, is punishable by a maximum fine of 100 thousand yuan. This is the introduction of the country’s first online shopping on the national level to report the special provisions of the price, the norms of online shopping behavior has far-reaching significance. Baidu reputation smitten full exposure of "double 11" selling behavior for online shopping consumption, in addition to the national level of the escort, consumer rights usually means is the major trading platform, to the Department of industry and commerce, quality inspection departments to launch a complaint, or to the public security department report, even filed a lawsuit to the people’s court. In addition to the above rights channels, Baidu reputation of the launch of the double 11 exposure fakes, Baidu search headlines campaign is undoubtedly added to the consumer protection. The event organizer, including by the State Administration for Industry and Commerce in charge of the China consumer network, one of the five major portal news and Sohu, South Publishing & media Limited by Share Ltd executive media Consumer Reports magazine, Baidu search and big traffic, let "double 11" during the period of the electricity supplier fake unprecedented exposure. There are people in the industry analysis of the move, although Baidu reputation plays a neutral third party platform role only in this activity, but the electricity supplier fake exposure spread, will indirectly promote the legitimate rights and interests of consumers more quickly and efficiently resolved. By then, the consumers of "double 11" fake exposure will achieve the "Baidu search on the headlines: associated with merchants selling fake Baidu search results.相关的主题文章: