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The big seven JEEP is coming! Drive: the US commander! Welcome to the sea by Sohu – car test to bring you the car video, the following is the text part, thank you for your support! The family of JEEP products in five, whether it is cut or free light, three row seat SUV is still in the blank state, which makes a lot of love in the seven seat consumers disappointed ~ in fact in ten years ago, the JEEP family has launched a large seven seat products: commander! After the Grand Cherokee foothold, more off-road vehicle consumption demand more and XXXL version! So on the basis of the large chassis on the basis of the research and development of the big seven has become the primary task of JEEP management. So the seven commander came to us! In order to distinguish from cutting, the commander of the yen value is quite powerful, straight and contour everywhere exposed screws are off-road style rendering to the ultimate warrior! Today is the protagonist of the card on 2007 US commander, and compared with batch import commander, US commander Yan values are slightly different, in addition to the front and rear lamps and the hub is the LOGO. The five-star general of the cross-country family! Although the commander provides three rows of seven seats, but 2780 and 4787 of the length of wheelbase is not tall, but this guy ground clearance is not too low, the commander of the U.S. regulations data showed 210, 2850 land cruiser and wheelbase compared to this ground clearance is good. It is worth boasting that the guy’s approach angle is 34 degrees, and if it is not for the installation of the third row seat and the extension of the rear end of the car led to the exit angle is only about 21 degrees, the commander’s physical quality is really good! The second row is often large seven seat SUV or off-road vehicles in the most luxurious configuration, because the U.S. regulations subject to restrictions so the wheelbase commander of the second row of the knee space is not clear, but stepped roof to allow the head space is guaranteed, plus two points with a small skylight, look at the overall the American second row seat comfort is also good! Although the space is not clear, but the roof provides a folding screen and a rear air outlet, slightly regret is that the LCD screen size and the commander of the physical some do not take in the Lord ~ was born ten years ago for the sake of acceptable ~ the rear storage space? This is a short board, storage box on the door put a wide map ~ folding cup holder is available. And is not more than second rows of storage space! The most critical is the third row, because the third row is the commander and the most important difference! Look at the pants not to buy the premise of sea test will not go to personally experience the most tactful third row, although the seat size is limited, but the independent regulation of air conditioning and large storage compartments are highlights of the third row configuration! Although after the two row space did not reach the point of warlords, but the driver’s seat size and space travel or so buoyant that what the sea trial feels quite comfortable. It seems this car in the US are similar to Schwarzenegger’s men! To say that the appearance of the car enough personalized, spicy car!相关的主题文章: