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The gang posing as military deception by chuanbangdai role complete telecommunications fraud such as Linzi District Beijing – in – crew reporter Xu Peng reporter newspaper correspondent Yang Xiaoming Shandong city of Zibo Province, a company manager received a claim of a military telephone staff, to let the company purchasing Wuhan special equipment of a company name, more than 8 yuan of cash fraud. Recently, the Zibo Municipal Public Security Bureau Linzi branch in Wuhan police cooperation, success will be the main members of the gang posing as soldiers to implement telecommunications fraud arrested so far, "7? 14" telecommunications fraud case cracked. Up to now, the police cracked a total of more than 30 cases, affecting the country’s 14 provinces, involving more than 100 yuan. July 14th, Linzi, a company manager received a strange phone, the other said it was a military staff, the army needs to purchase a number of special kitchen equipment. In the first call, the two sides "negotiation" is very harmonious, the other side asked the company to product information and offer sent to the e-mail, and agreed the next contact time. Not long after, the other called again, saying that the equipment can not meet the requirements, and strongly recommend a company in Wuhan has the required equipment, from time to time to a variety of reasons to tempt the company to order from Wuhan. Out of the trust of the military, the company manager to contact the Wuhan manufacturers, after some negotiations and to remit money to order 80 thousand yuan. The next day, when the company confirmed shipment to Wuhan when the other mobile phone manufacturers, has been in a shutdown state, contact the military staff also shut down, the manager felt cheated, the police in Linzi on 17 July. After the alarm, Linzi police criminal investigation squadron seven preliminary investigation found that in the case of several suspects were playing different role in the implementation of fraud, the money credited into account through ATM to multiple accounts of the partial withdrawal in half an hour. Police handling the case has 3 times to Beijing, Wuhan and other places to carry out the work in the process of investigation, found the suspect in Shandong County of Boxing and Shanghai, Dalian, Nanning, Yinchuan and other national implementation of fraud, and completed a fraud after the destruction of evidence. After several days of investigation and control, the police is composed of four cooperative telecommunications fraud Gang group, and after two months of preliminary investigation to find out the full Hu Moujun and other gang members hiding in it, and the gang continues crazy crime. During the September 17th Mid Autumn Festival, analysis of task force held the telecom fraud case, the case for further carding, making careful plans to arrest, globally deployed more than 20 elite police rushed out of Wuhan in September 18th to Hu, Hu Gang a little army to carry out arrest work. In September 20th, in the great assistance of local police, three were arrested, in Hannan District a living area of Hu Shao, Yang Mouhua captured the scene seized crime with computer, mobile phone, mobile phone cards, bank cards, forged contracts, written scripts and other tools of crime of fraud; in Hannan District, will Zhou Mouchuan captured the crime seized by bank card, mobile phone card; a district Hanyang, Hu Mou army captured, seized the crime using a mobile phone, bank card. After the trial, the truth is the internal layers of telecommunications fraud bakai. According to the suspect Hu Shao confession".相关的主题文章: