The old car out in advance how to receive subsidies Related to the measures

The old car out in advance how to receive subsidies? Related to the "measures" introduced "in accordance with the Municipal Environmental Protection Bureau, the Municipal Public Security Bureau, the Municipal Finance Bureau, the Municipal Commission of Commerce, the Municipal Transportation Commission on the implementation of the old car early elimination of subsidies policy notice" requirement, for the convenience of owners for old cars in advance eliminated subsidies, yesterday, the city will receive a place, for the time, receive program problems such as policy. Receive location: the only bank of Shanghai Pudong Development Bank Tianjin branch of Limited by Share Ltd for the behavior of old cars in advance out of subsidies, and with 20 old cars out in advance to receive subsidies outlets, the owner may choose. Receive time: for old cars in advance eliminated subsidies for each working day time: 9:00 – 12:00, 13:30 – 17:00, the holidays will not be accepted. The old car stopped early elimination of subsidies paid time: March 15, 2017 (excluding). Receive subsidies program: in accordance with the "notice" requirements and Shanghai Pudong Development Bank program to receive the old cars out in advance subsidy funds, may be concerned about the specific process of Shanghai Pudong Development Bank, WeChat public, Shanghai Pudong Development Bank Tianjin branch "or call 59988122 telephone consultation service unified understanding. (reporter Zhang Mingqi)

老旧车提前淘汰怎么领取补贴? 相关《办法》出台   按照《市环保局、市公安局、市财政局、市商务委、市交通运输委关于实施老旧车提前淘汰补贴政策的通告》要求,为方便车主领取老旧车提前淘汰补贴资金,昨天,本市就领取地点、领取时间、领取程序等问题出台办法。   领取地点:上海浦东发展银行股份有限公司天津分行为领取本市老旧车提前淘汰补贴资金的唯一银行,并设有20家老旧车提前淘汰补贴资金领取网点,车主可自主选择。   领取时间:领取老旧车提前淘汰补贴资金时间为:每个工作日9:00—12:00,13:30—17:00,节假日不受理。停止老旧车提前淘汰补贴资金兑付时间为:2017年3月15日(不含)。   补贴领取程序:按照《通告》要求及浦发银行相关程序领取老旧车提前淘汰补贴资金,具体流程可关注浦发银行微信公众号“浦发银行天津分行”或拨打统一服务咨询电话59988122了解。(记者 张鸣岐)相关的主题文章: