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The "red flag" in West Ji Ta ending child heart interpretation of military belief in the "red flag" West Sohu Entertainment Officer Ji Ta child heart faith "red flag manjuan interpretation of military West" Ji Ta stills entertainment news last night in Sohu, Oriental TV prime time broadcast of the big revolution in the history of drama "red flag manjuan West" staged the ending of the war. Young actor Ji Ta played the fate of the Qin Dynasty and the fate of their own choice of the road to the spirit of immortality has been affecting the hearts of the audience. Shaanxi specialty tough interpretation of this opera is the hometown of historical facts in modern history from 1927 to 1949 during the Shaanxi revolution as the background, the three through two generations of family love and hatred and revolutionary experience, tells a story about religion of choice. As a native of Shaanxi specialty young actor Ji Ta, a "highly’ve never played a bad" in the industry. Look at his acting resume, "cliff", "look at this family", "in that distant place" and so on, there are many audience plays for having heard it many times. Debut thirteen years so far, private life has been low-key, down to earth, only the sound of the work of Ji Ta is proud of his hometown. With Ji Ta already on the guy with a sense of mission to the interpretation of his hometown in this thrilling historical facts, and not the slightest slack, but more efforts. Many of the scenes of war, he went into battle. He will spend a lot of time to do my homework, try to figure out the inner character, and then in the script above the dense label, so diligent will create a righteous, true to life, with a deep sense of "Shaanxi flavor" of the northwest military Qin Huaiwen. The audience from the tragic ending Huaiwen love a brother to the core backbone of troops on the battlefield, Qin Huaiwen has let the audience see "love hate, love hate his loyalty, his dedication, loyalty and dedication to the military relationship but this is flesh and blood. No matter in the trenches Huaiwen, "kill the enemy for the motherland war, let the people live a happy life" this intention has never changed. The firm belief that Huaiwen first time onto the Anti Japanese War, without fear of life and death. The lover abandoned relatives departure, Huaiwen adhere to the military should be loyalty and faith in solitude. The face of love, and the spring is Liangxiaowucai, Lambon Huaiwen Pro Mei Zhu Ma finally went to the battlefield for the revolution Huaiwen choice. Many years later when he proposed the courage to love, faith and let others lose heart two already married, chunlan. From the bow or a wrong guy, Xinrudaoge in the face of love, shed tears of sadness. This meant feeling is so many of the audience. Though because of the position and father Huaiwen enemies, and brothers break, but when the threat of family life on the battlefield, or a family life preservation. As has been found Huaiwen of loyalty to the organization and contrary to the original intention, but as a soldier and not betray, extremely contradictory heart makes Huaiwen ending also caused Dutch act, the audience sigh, love is such a good man. Ji Ta put the introverted and bear Huaiwen character, serious surface determination, inner soft and delicate interpretation of the most incisive. Along with.相关的主题文章: