The turning window opens on stock market and real estate market pressure area of the outbreak area yo te amo

Turning window: the housing market pressure area stock market outbreak the sina finance opinion leader (WeChat public kopleader) columnist Wu Guoping said the housing market has entered a high pressure zone, rising pressure, the climax of the end stage of the rise, the risk area; on the contrary, the stock market, especially in emerging market segments in the industry, the outbreak triggered at any moment. Once, upward, the future of space, especially local, emerging industries, the future of many times ten shares in the pipeline. This time the first-tier cities real estate prices soared, many people are a little like the past more than 6 thousand points by more than 5 thousand points last year, the stock market, the real hard to grab the taste, the feeling is in the tens of millions of houses sold in Chinese cabbage. Obviously, it has entered into a non rational state, local area, such as Shanghai, a lot of people to buy a house is to achieve at the cost of this phenomenon, to divorce, ask yourself, see management feel sure has been in active countermeasures to curb this crazy situation. So, we can assert that at least stage, the housing market has entered into force, this is definitely not the best time to buy a house, on the contrary, if you do the difference from the stock market point of view, it is at the moment when every high issue chips. In addition, real estate stocks did not go with the same trend of real estate prices, indicating that the market itself has been on the real estate prices continued to surge is skeptical, so not out of the same with the trend of real estate prices soared, as strong fluctuations similar Vanke early, more price volatility is the equity of the dispute brought. So for this plate we have been very clear point of view, to a high point, it should not be, to maintain a good attitude, the future of the capital market is certainly not the main battlefield of them. But many investors are easy to follow, see real estate prices soared swarmed up, regardless of the actual sales or the stock market speculation, and ultimately could easily become disk access man stage, we believe that the current real estate madness is easily after herding behaviors pay. In contrast, A stock market, the real estate has attracted a large number of funds diverted out of stock market volatility during this period of time, can be said to be very tangled, and rangebound, however, did not fall, in fact, it is not easy, how many also reflects the market have an inner strength in which the layout of active participation. In my opinion, this time the trend is tangled, action a poised, as a recent August 26th to September 6th market volatility, stock index down 50 points will probably narrow fluctuation, however, have you noticed 8 trading days, in fact, is a collection of 7 Yang K line, although here with 4 Yang Doji trend, but no matter how it is behind a wave of energy that is constantly quietly show, bull power energy savings show, once released, like Super Saiyan seven dragon ball turned up in the same, the outbreak. Many people worried that, if real estate prices didn’t rise before, not many people are worried that, real estate prices are now crazy, well, worry become impulse buying, human nature is so ah. Stock market is now available相关的主题文章: