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They said such a tie was smaller — hair fashion — original title: they said: hair so small bar face significant about the old hair. To recommend a Huobian fashion side series braided hair, long hair girl can hold live, not only can face significant age! Angelababy baby this beautiful little face, Zhaqi tail will reveal the cheeks. Look at her for this side up hair hair to the side, natural braided, looking at a girl feeling overwhelmed! Fan Bingbing, Fan Ye of meatball head not only exposed the fleshy cheeks and is not the spirit. But, for this simple side made her look fresh and natural hair, many, does not need to be modified to the deliberate empress dowager! Gloria Tang fashion always criticized Gloria Tang is beautiful and moving, the hair at the rear side of a strand twist, a little tail hair and forehead, hanging on both sides of a few tufts of hair, is not fresh and sweet! It is important that turned a small circle! Miranda Kerr will bind to all the hair behind the ear will be prominent mandibular angle curve, Miranda’s face completely unmasked. But you see this side of the series has made up her fluffy hair, well groomed cheek edges, sunglasses with red lips has beauty is not decent. Selena Gomez left and Selena made the same mistake Miranda face Pro promise me never to hair behind you wan! Look at the right side of her hair to make an oblique cover ear twist, hot head roll Peng, revealing signs of sweet smile, is not the second face of the goddess! Dakota Johnson in the fifty degree of grey rabbit cropped hair hot roll, huh, what value fell yan! Look at the side of her hair up, loose bangs with big lips, lazy and not beautiful, even if the elevation angle of 45 degrees, but also the United States can not be in the side! Not only them, and they love this face and age side series editing! Cara Delevingne Nicole Kidman Blake Lively to see so many stars of demonstration, know you have to do it myself, hands itch! Hold fast, already prepared for you a good tutorial! I am the beauty and the division of the line – step1: the side of the hair and comb to the side, can be appropriate to the top of the head of the high Peng Peng (elongated face you know!) Step2: take the right amount of hair for half twist tie. Use your fingers to gently pull the fine strands of hair to create a sense of fluffy lazy. Step3: all the hair and twist merged into a tie, the lower half of hair into a twist shares. Step4: spray molding agent stereotypes. See! Such a simple yet clever encoding is accomplished. The side up! The last word of beauty is made up. (Ke Li Meng, commissioning editor: car?)相关的主题文章: