This error is too big to change the road when the mirror is not the first (video) pppd-175

This error is too big when changing lanes and look at the mirror and does not need to pay attention to what many owners when overtaking car useful errors, and errors not timely corrected is easy to damage the car, here are some common errors for the majority of the owners as a reference. Don’t look at the mirror when you turn the corner and some of the owners tend to turn the corner or when the road will look at the mirror, in fact, this is wrong. The correct approach is to first look back to see off the mirror, because sometimes the mirror adjusting well there will be a dead phenomenon. In addition, the steering light will open the vehicle will increase the speed or slow down the speed of their own, only from the mirror can not completely determine the correctness. Driving can not only pay attention to the distance between the car in the process of driving, many owners believe that as long as the attention to keep the vehicle before and after the distance can be, in fact, doing so is wrong. Because in addition to keep a safe distance with the front vehicle, you should also try to avoid the vehicle around and keep abreast of driving speed, by overtaking or slowing down to stagger the parallel driving, driving is the biggest disadvantage of parallel distraction, easy to make the attention from the front to disperse, for novice drivers, more likely to cause nervous the mood. For fast idle long time don’t often encounter some vehicles slow driving in the fast lane on the highway, this approach is wrong. It is a chronic disease of expressway. In the main lane on the highway, overtaking Road Division clear, but many drivers like a long time on the overtaking lane, or even slow driving, forcing the car only from the right side of the main lane. Because our country is " left driving " driver observation and perception on the left will be better than the right side. Therefore, the behavior of the right overtaking is difficult to be found beyond the vehicle, which is prone to accidents and traffic efficiency. Pedal type parking system not too deep set foot pedal type parking system is " the handbrake " one is just a foot pedal to control, often appear in the high-end models, one using the handbrake to note, is that not every time to be stepped on. Because the foot is powerful, so it is easy to step on the brake " " deep, so the cable life is very unfavorable, even with their feet, also intends to control a dynamics, don’t be so ruthless.相关的主题文章: