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Travel out of poverty, lay the red two cards (the new story long road?) – Politics – into late autumn October, nearly 2000 meters above sea level in Gulin County of Luzhou City, Sichuan Province, bamboo Miao village, the weather becoming cooler, but the path is an exquisite scenery. Two bowls of home brewed rice wine eaten, Miao Xiang Tuan Jie Cun Miao Lusheng elder brother Xiang Zijun took bamboo from the house in the yard inside blowing edge jump. "Now more and more tourists, our income has improved, the day is better!" Xiang Zijun happily told reporters. Walk along the road in front of Xiang Zijun’s house to a mountain, about 500 meters, there is a natural Karst cave, called the big black hole. 2008, Xiang Zijun will be renovated after the farmhouse opened, but due to the lack of visibility of the scenic area, infrastructure is not perfect, not many tourists, farmhouse was difficult to operate. In 2015, Gulin county government for the overall development of scenic spots in July this year, the black hole, big hole open test, natural landscape, rich magnificent cave style Miao folk culture, beautiful scenic area, attracting many foreign tourists. This year, Xiang Zijun’s farmhouse turnover has exceeded 200 thousand yuan. "We really need to develop tourism into a pillar industry in our country!" Deputy Secretary Miao bamboo township party committee Liu Xiaoyu told reporters that the government encourages the poor farmers and rural farmhouse offering business hotel, the old Miao chicken, bacon and other sales of agricultural products, expand poverty industry, the formation of a new growth point, driven by local farmers. In the crucial Gulin county poverty alleviation "new Long March", relying on the natural scenery of green bamboo Miao village, build a large black hole area, based on the landscape work; Taiping Town, Gulin county is in the development of red culture, protection of red ruins, the exploitation of red resources. Chishui River, Taiping town known as "mountain city" said the yard. The ancient town of wooden tower along the stone streets scattered, mostly built in the late Qing Dynasty these buildings, more than a hundred years of history. Along the steps of the town from the top down, to the Chishui River, the river stands a "Chinese Red Army crossing Chishui Taiping ferry crossing" monument. In 1935, the long march of the Red Army crossing Chishui two crossing Chishui, crossing Chishui’s main ferry in the town of taiping. Taiping town red relics everywhere: Mao Zedong, Zhu De, Zhou Enlai and other comrades of the site of the station, the General Political Department of the army, temporary hospital, temporary bank such as the Red Army Soviet ruins 87 well preserved. The Red Army crossing Chishui Taiping ferry Museum and monument is located in the town, the widely circulated story. Home town of Taiping Street car Yin Sheng, 90 years old, but still hale and hearty. He said: "in 1935, I was only 9 years old, had seen the Red Army across the Chishui river. The Red Army in the streets to mobilize the masses and write red banners, the Anti Japanese propaganda scene is still visible before the eyes." In 1946, car Yin Sheng joined the revolution in 1949 to join the Communist Party organization. After retiring in 1986, he is committed to the protection of red ruins, with his own experiences and past visitors to neighbourhood and what one sees and hears the obligation to promote the spirit of the long march. Today, the Taiping Town efforts to build red tourism, the national 4A level scenery相关的主题文章: