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Trumpchi GS8 high price? With the Harvard H7 Bibi and Sohu car GAC trumpchi GS8 has been officially listed, the price for the 16.38-25.98 million. GS8 is a flagship seven medium-sized SUV, the 2.0T engine matching 6AT transmission from Aisin was, of which there are two 4WD models. GAC trumpchi GS8 to set a sales target of 100 thousand vehicles annual sales. There are many views that GS8 color value is high, almost as large as the Highlander, configuration is also rich, and many low price than the Highlander, the price is high, 100 thousand of the annual sales target is not outrageous. Then, trumpchi GS8 price is really high? Take the same as the independent brand of Harvard to do a comparison. Taking into account the Harvard H8 is medium SUV, but H8 is the driving type, and the starting price of up to 188 thousand and 800, the current sales situation is not too good. While at Harvard’s H7, including a seven seat version of the upcoming H7L, Harvard’s most take the amount of medium SUV. This time with low 320T compared to trumpchi GS8 best buy Automatic Deluxe Edition, with the same price as the Harvard H7 2.0T automatic luxury compete, the two car price is 169 thousand and 800 yuan. You may have thought trumpchi is 7, Harvard H7 is 5, but the Harvard H7 has no small magnitude of concessions, therefore, the seven seat version of H7L is listed on the final price of the same configuration models, they should not have too big gap. Also, there is news that some trumpchi 4S store for GS8 increase car sales behavior. 1, the power system between the two vehicles are using a 2.0T engine, more than trumpchi from the rated power parameters and the maximum torque hover H7. But Harvard’s 2.0T uses direct injection technology, power output and fuel economy advantage, trumpchi 2.0T is a multi point injection structure. From the actual dynamic performance, Harvard H7 measured one hundred kilometers acceleration of 9 seconds, trumpchi GS8 has not announced its hundred kilometers acceleration performance. But with the same trumpchi GS8 powertrain GA8, actually measured one hundred kilometers acceleration of 9.3 seconds, the weight of GS8 is higher than GA8, accelerate the achievement will be somewhat less than 9.3 seconds. Therefore, trumpchi GS8 2.0T engine maximum torque force while the interval earlier, but the dynamic performance is inferior to the Harvard H7. But in this part of the gearbox, trumpchi GS8 of a board. Trumpchi GS8 is equipped with 6AT transmission from Aisin, Harvard H7 from Gert Lark is wet double clutch, which is Ford Mondeo that taiwan. Choose the Aisin 6AT or Getrag dual clutch, believe that most riders will tend to 6AT. 2, contrast configuration from the configuration comparison, trumpchi GS8 than Harvard H7 was more important following configuration: Deputy driving electric seats, rear independent air conditioning control, rear privacy glass. Rather than Harvard H7 trumpchi GS8 multi configuration are many: larger wheels, panoramic sunroof, direct tire pressure monitoring, electric trunk.相关的主题文章: