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UAV out of the commercial new regulations, so that they use the 4G Network – Sohu science and technology this article from curiosity daily, more good articles in the major application store search curiosity daily". The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) announced in June the new UAV "Part 107" has been in effect for a week, with the clear provisions of the commercial UAV can be used in what circumstances, operators are also ready to join the business. AT& T announced that it will cooperate with Qualcomm to test the UAV flight situation in its 4G or even 5G network, the use of mobile networks will be the pilot in the near future. Currently, the use of UAVs is a Wi-Fi network, the network is not stable enough to have caused no small risk to flight. A group of researchers in Australia studied 150 unmanned aerial vehicles between 2006 and 2015, and found that most of the accidents were caused by technical failures, rather than "flying hands". The vast majority of technical failures are caused by the interruption of communication between the UAV and the remote controller. One of the most important requirements of the American commercial drones is that they need to be within the scope of the operator’s vision". Future UAVs to be used in delivery, remote monitoring, etc. need to leave the sight of the control of the scene, the use of mobile networks may be able to solve certain problems. Snapdragon flight platform AT& T and Qualcomm, this cooperation is based on Qualcomm snapdragon flight platform (Snapdragon Flight platform) to launch, the development platform is the man-machine design platform without the latest Qualcomm launched, is smaller than a credit card. It integrates high integration technology into a reference board. Qualcomm in accordance with the argument, which can help manufacturers of unmanned aerial vehicles to save costs, faster design of a lighter, smaller, more intelligent uav. AT&, senior vice president of T networking solutions, said Chris Penrose, the future application of the UAV in the future, the first step is to solve the challenges of communication connection. The two companies will carry out the experiment in the San Diego high, in addition, another part of bilateral cooperation is to explore the use of 5G under the condition of regulation and supervision of the uav. Title from VisualHunt相关的主题文章: