US police officers charged with murder of an African American man imjpmig

The policewoman for shooting African man was charged with first-degree murder in the original title: African man shot policewoman Oklahoma was charged with first-degree murder in September 23, according to foreign media reports, the United States Tulsa County District Attorney’s office policewoman Betty local time 22 days recently shot African v. man? Shelby (Betty Shelby) a murder, she said "no reasonable reaction" and "emotional overreaction to." According to reports, the district attorney Kunts vhailor (Steve Kunzweiler) said at a press conference the same day, Shelby in 16 days night this month killed 40 year old African American man (Terence Crutcher) – cut event, he decided to put forward a felony to murder Shelby. In this incident, the bullet was shot when he raised his hands to his SUV car. The incident was filmed by police helicopters and police cameras. Video footage shows that from the streets of Tulsa, North Korea slowly to his car. One of the police tracked down from behind, and pulled out the gun a few seconds later, followed by three police officers. Continue to walk toward the car, standing next to the driver’s side door, suddenly fell to the ground, the white shirt soaked blood. Tulsa police chief Jordan (Chuck Jordan) 19, said at a press conference, the police dispatcher told the police said that "do not fit," and then shot. Before Shelby shot, another police Turnbough (Tyler) on the use of an electric shock gun. According to testimony, Shelby was in the evening of 16 received the task of dealing with domestic violence, the. The testimony mentioned, Shelby approached the car and asked whether his car is carat cut, but cut carat on their "muttered," do not answer her question. He raised his hands to his car and did not stop in accordance with Shelby’s orders. When the police arrived at the time, he had come to the front side of the driver’s car. After the fact that he sent an electric shock gun to chakra, Shelby fired a shot at the lungs. The prosecutor Kunts Weiler said, has issued an arrest warrant for Shelby, her lawyer, she went to the Tulsa police station to surrender. Falin, Mary, 22, said in a statement that she hoped that the latest decision to bring peace to the families of the people of and Tulsa, and hope that people wait patiently for the judicial process. The case may be decided by the jury whether Shelby is guilty. Editor: Kang Yunkai相关的主题文章: