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Why don’t Chinese parents like introverted children? Last week, the mother and daughter to visit a friend’s house, her little girl can run all over the floor to play, really fast. When the last meeting was in his arms with the ball, this has become a running female Chinese paper. I hasten to bring her a small gift, call her over. I put the teddy bear and the plush doll in her arms, and my friend said to her, "thank you, auntie.". The little girl shyly smiled to hold the gift to the mother bosoms, I said no.. The little girl ran away, my friend and I said, my child is too introverted, personality, boring, worry ah. Why do Chinese parents do not like introverted children? A lot of introverted children have been troubled by their own character, feel bad character. Of course, the child will not be aware of their character is good or bad, but a lot of comments on the parents, to bring the child such bias. Most parents have such prejudice against introversion: introverted loner = = = = inferiority introverted shy introverted not so happy, the parents of the children within each heart have a "other people’s children, the children always naturally called uncle aunt good; there are many buddy with bustling weekend love; don’t go home with their parents… So they try to reform… Their children:" do you want to be a bit more lively, so it is like what "" can you like XXX a good aunt, how so rude. "" I don’t love to take you out, not openly to play with children for a while, I always stick to doing…… introverted child really bad? Scholars who study the formation of personality know the simplest and most complex principle: character is good or bad. General concept of modern society, good personality is the sunshine, cheerful, wide friendship; bad character is silent, withdrawn, unsocial. This is a very unscientific statement. In history, there are many outstanding people are introverted personality. For example: Newton is the author of "law of gravity", published "theory of relativity" Einstein, played "nocturne" Chopin, write "Harry Potter" series of J.K. Rowling, and Ang Lee, Nobel, Mrs. Curie etc.. It can be seen that introverted personality has obvious advantages in the fields of creation, art and scientific research. Two, in the Spring Festival Gala on the famous magician Louis Liu, often bring people surprise in magic. Although he became famous after a lot of peers on the Internet for his magic was revealed, but also the performance of the table beyond Louis Liu’s approach, but no one can replace his position as China’s chief magician. Why? Because in addition to the show on the charade, Louis Liu as early as 2011, EMC (Global magic Summit) on the performance of Bagh Las effect nobody in the world can be cracked "". Louis Liu in his readme, said he was a introverted person, like himself in the room alone in the development of magic, usually he does not love to speak,.相关的主题文章: