Why not travel Japan drops taxi expensive against vested interest noiseware

Why not travel: Japan drops taxi expensive vested interest against the Japanese did not "drop travel" Kondo Daisuke autumn approaching, I flew from Tokyo, after four hours of flight, arrived at Beijing Capital International Airport. The last time to come to Beijing, a large billboard on the wall of the airport hall or China Life Insurance, this time put on the drip travel advertising. For me, the company is still a little strange. Before, the Chinese woman sitting next to me on the plane listened to me and asked her what she was doing. She was stunned and said, "don’t you really know about this company?" She went on to say that her mobile phone also installed the application software, so open APP for me to explain. Nevertheless, I still feel very strange, this service did not spread in Japan, why this new company has been in the most eye-catching position in Beijing airport played a large billboard? However, during the next two weeks Chinese trip, I deeply feel "drops of travel", "China", "excellent", "easy" taxi software to Chinese life brings revolutionary great changes. In fact, on the night of my trip to Beijing before departure, I want to get a taxi in Tokyo, but his mind. On the day of departure of the two in the morning, I finally finished my work, returned home from the company. When I finish packing two suitcases, no doubt to the dawn, and my flight to Beijing is 9:10 in the morning departure from Haneda airport. After staying up late, you can sleep on the plane, which I can bear, but the problem is how to get to Haneda airport. In accordance with the usual practice, I will push the trunk to the nearest station to the tram, but this time it is too tired, I am worried that the body can not eat, cause anemia. At this time, I think the Tokyo taxi company’s new "Haneda airport shuttle service price". Tokyo taxi starting price, less than 2 km is about 710 yen (about RMB 47), the price is too high, the general public can not afford. As the taxi companies are becoming more and more difficult, in order to adapt to the current trend of tourists increased, began to implement a price service between Haneda Airport and Tokyo central area unified taxi does not hit the table, than usual metered to offer about 10%. I immediately searched the service on the Internet, starting from the area where I live, plus highway tolls, the total needs 8500 yen (about RMB 557). More expensive than the tram, but is much more cost-effective than the body tired, so I decided this time under the original capital of the taxi. If you want to enjoy the "price service", we must first register online to become a unified national taxi membership. However, it took me 30 minutes to complete the registration. Sometimes due to the omission of the part of the project, the submission is not successful; sometimes it is not easy to fill in the complete, and return to fill the request. So repeated several times down, I was exhausted. I can not help but wonder: is it necessary to submit personal information in such detail? Finally I gave up my registration. In desperation, I began to inquire about the telephone number of the large taxi company in Tokyo相关的主题文章: