Will launch a new Benz E level three car spy – Sohu in automobile chompoo araya

Will be launched during the year Mercedes Benz E three car spy – Sohu automobile Sohu [] on the new car, car Sohu obtained a group of domestic new Mercedes Benz E 180 L, E 200 L 4MATIC E and L 4MATIC models – from the domestic media, according to the message before, the new car or will be launched this year. Beijing Mercedes Benz new E class not only introduce a variety of power, the future will also provide standard wheelbase version, the choice of models rich. [180] E L [E L 4MATIC] 200 [E L 4MATIC] appearance, the exposure of three new models and new E has been listed on the domestic level is basically the same, only the distinction in the tail markings, including 200 E L 4MATIC and E L 4MATIC models the tail of the "4MATIC" logo is the four-wheel drive version ID. In addition, three new cars are used in the back of privacy glass. Power, E 180 L is equipped with 1.6T engine, the maximum engine power of 156 horsepower; E 200 L is equipped with a low power version of the 2.0T engine, maximum power of 184 horsepower; E L is equipped with a low-power version of the 3.0T V6 engine, maximum power of 272 horsepower.相关的主题文章: