Worried about the explosion of the U.S. Federal Aviation Administration to consider banning note 7 b-gigolos

Worried about the explosion the Federal Aviation Administration is considering banning the Note 7 on the U.S. Route 7 Note Phoenix Technology News Beijing on September 7th news, according to foreign media reports, in recent years, the airline management for charging treasure gradually strengthened, the main reason is that it exists the risk of explosion. Recently, Samsung Note 7 battery explosion was a massive recall of the news also spread to the U.S. Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) ears. So this week they called on the U.S. Transportation Security Administration (TSA) and airlines to discuss issues related to the ban on Note 7. Right now, on the Note 7 is not allowed on the plane is still under discussion, but the situation is not optimistic. Samsung announced the recall, the consumer report criticized Samsung’s attitude is wrong, because the spread of the face of the huge Note 7 recall did not participate in government departments, and some stores are still selling. In view of this situation, they believe that the aircraft is now hastily allowed to have a huge potential security risks. In addition, in addition to passengers into the cabin, Note 7 should not be put on the luggage in the plane. On sale last month, Samsung has sold more than one million sets of Note 7, and the recall program involving 2 million 500 thousand sets of equipment problems. As long as the recall plan was not formally completed, so that the aircraft on the aircraft may cause security risks. In the future, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) will also be involved in the recall, if they believe that Note 7 does exist security risks, I am afraid that the aircraft will really boarded the blacklist of airlines. (compile Lv Jiahui)相关的主题文章: