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Xu family placards the dagger see Fig poor "hot money withdrawal from the routine shipment deep micro signal the investment circle; Author: Zouping" in the subject shares may be thwarted by circumstances, to support the performance of the brokerage Friday." This is yesterday the investment circle (micro signal: pijiangtouzi) notes in the last sentence. Today morning auction time, show the limit price of securities has been opened in the west of the main disk, finally removed the single signal, but the stock brokerage transaction. In early trading, brokerage stocks for a long time in the sector index rose first, but the leading shares of Huatai Securities cop-out trend, makes up the bank insurance with no leader in, in support and scattered funds, causing the market awareness. Figure three quarterly disclosure, Hengda life dark card surfaced. Last night, ieslab, Zhongyuan shares announcement, at the end of the three quarter, Hengda life holds 4.96% and 4.95% shares respectively. Ieslab, Zhongyuan company (which shares I but last month in 12 yuan to be washed out) see Figure poor dagger, the main direct kill pit to follow suit. Figure in the deep Vanke A war fame, after the development of the practice of Langfang into a monster, Hengda department simply became the A shares of gold finger, who rose who rose. Deep room suspension, intended for the introduction of the war after the introduction of 30 billion Hengda cast news came out, it is to make Hengda aura more dazzling. But in fact, three of the Quarterly Bulletin Yongding and Tengda construction in late October 27th release, Hengda life out of the ranks of the top ten shareholders. Last night, the two companies in the annual report of a sense of stocks across the board to follow the trend of hot money at low tide, the great escape, causing the related theme stocks have been diving. Xu family harvest up food is still so handy no recruits write and draw freely as one wishes, jerky. The most powerful new shares also appeared differentiation. Yesterday also pulled out of the fourth consecutive trading board laiyifen and Hongsheng a trading a shares limit. The former is the main brandished a knife from the temple, which does not know if there is a golden. Anyway, Shanghai, Wolong, hidden dragon. Anyway, a map of the "journey to the west", no background fairies are killed, the key moment background will have immortal fairyland back out. Message level, the central parity of RMB fell below 6.78 mark today, another new low of 6 years. The central parity of RMB reported 6.7858, down 122 points, the central parity reported on the day of 6.7736. Today, the central bank conducted 95 billion yuan of reverse repurchase operations for the period of 65 billion days, reverse repurchase operations of $7 for the 14 day period, 35 billion yuan of 28 day repurchase operations. Today there are 80 billion reverse repurchase expires. Single day net invested 115 billion yuan. This week, a total of 595 billion yuan invested, in addition to the $6 in the medium term loan facility (MLF) maturity of 166 billion yuan. Afternoon market rumors may limit the transfer of equity in the bad, but also to the subject shares worse. Stock index below the first support 3097 points of ten antennas, if not broken, the market does not have to be pessimistic, if below, to explore the line at the age of 3080 points is also very normal. The key is not possible in the index fell, seen from today the "golden three fat" can support, the key lies in the money effect will be greatly reduced. "Two even Yin" two crows "after the trend;相关的主题文章: