Zhuhai airshow Chinese female flying driving F-10 performances and men the same difficulty ca4111

Zhuhai airshow: Chinese female flying driving difficulty F-10 performances and men the same data figure: Bayi aerobatic team blue paint on November 1st to 6, the eleventh session of the China airshow held in Zhuhai. Known as the Bayi aerobatic team of China’s "blue sky guard", during the show a group of flight performance shocked the audience. Compared to previous years, this year’s flight show how effective? What is the normal training status of female pilots? Yesterday, the Bayi flight show team captain Cao Zhenzhong this answer. The JINGWAH Times reporter Pan Shanju Chinese "81" Air Force aerobatic team perform the basic training level display 1 keywords of female pilots and men the same difficulty should be according to Cao Zhenzhong, the show when the weather is good, there is a positive side wind and wind speed is large, slightly influence on the whole flight position control. But he participated in the 4 Zhuhai air show, from the point of view, the best weather condition, the flight lasted 24 minutes and more than and 30 seconds to complete the 22 movements, in full accordance with the scheme set of performance, the joint efforts of all aspects of the basic display performance and level of training aircraft pilots. Two female pilots involved in the airshow, for female pilots to join any consideration of the f -10 fighter flight queue? Cao Zhenzhong said that the current air force China has enrolled 10 female pilots, female pilots f -10 is China’s first female fighter pilots, has over 4 models at present, they have the ability to control the 3 class aircraft. "The first female pilots to transport aircraft based, taking into account the woman can hold half the sky, then let the female pilots to participate in the ranks of fighters." In the aspect of their training courses, difficulty and intensity, as well as male pilots. At the same time, they have a targeted training for their body, such as lower limb strength training, endurance training, ground training, etc.. The intensity of air training is based on individual physical condition. Both men and women, the performance of the difficulty and safety awareness is the same, the only difference is that the intensity of female pilots will be smaller. 2 keywords flying skills worth learning about the accurate control of the British China recently debut red arrows? Cao Zhenzhong used "shock" two words to describe, this is the first time he saw the British red arrows show the scene. He believes that the red arrow flight overall is very good, the action of formation of diversity, the formation of alternative to the rich a lot, change the selectivity of large aircraft. At the same time, the pilot for the entire motion connection can control intact, all actions and changes are in the formation process of the motor, the motor of the aircraft thrust requirements is very high, the display shows good performance of aircraft. In addition, the team members trained, the entire movement has been in the adjustment of the position, from the direction of space requirements are very high. "The pilot had a number of crosses, the accuracy is good, this is what we have to learn." Cao Zhenzhong stressed that because the hawk trainer belongs to subsonic aircraft and fighter -10 supersonic aircraft have certain difference contrast. Supersonic sensitivity is high, for the formation of large maneuver will be more difficult, so only to maintain the state of the 6 machine show. 3 keyword performance program more than 40 different movements相关的主题文章: